Gimber, the non-alcoholic ginger for your alcohol free cocktails

Gimber, the non-alcoholic ginger for your alcohol free cocktails

Gimber was born from an intuition, ginger concentrate to create modern and healthy non-alcoholic drinks.

The end of the hourly and behavioral restrictions, or at least their decisive relaxation, has given way to the resumption of dinners out, aperitifs with friends, unlimited or almost unlimited consumption of alcoholic beverages of all kinds. a simple, natural and modern idea of ​​drinking alcohol free drinksIn these days of high climatic and alcohol content, the galactic director of Agrodolce, Lorenza Fumelli, has decided to try, albeit for a limited period of only 30 days, to give up the allure of wines, beers, aperitifs, spirits and bitters of the house, to put themselves in the shoes of those who, for the most varied reasons, have to give up alcohol. So, after launching the # 30DaysAlcoholFree initiative , he asked us to turn a spotlight on the world of soft drinks. Just in the direction of the non-alcoholic alternative that goes beyond carbonated drinks, Gimber was born  , a simple, natural and extremely modern idea of ​​drinking an alcohol free drink .

Gimber’s birth

Gimber was born from the intuition and research of Dimitri Oosterlynck , Belgian producer of animation series, who during a holiday abroad in 2017, had the opportunity to try a ginger concentrate that struck his taste buds and his imagination, also drawing from it benefits from a health point of view, thanks to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of ginger. So he decided to try to develop a drink that was enjoyable and easy to make. After trying countless dosages and combinations of ingredients, he found the right mix.

The result is a concentrate rich in all the benefits of Peruvian organic ginger, lemons and some aromatic herbs (which remain top secret): every week Dimitri made a bottle for himself, but soon friends asked him to prepare some for them too. . His wife began selling some to customers in his concept store and Gimber, whose name is a mix of the translation of the term ginger in French, English and Dutch, was an instant local hit.

Making a drink with Gimber

Now, after having achieved a record turnover in Northern European countries, Gimber also lands in Italy . Although as we will see it can be used in multiple preparations, we focus on its most immediate use,the simplest drink is made with sparkling waterthat of preparing a natural and alcohol-free drink : in a few seconds we will obtain a drink with a refreshing and invigorating effect, as well as healthy. Just pour the basic dose of 30 ml into a glass and add fresh, sparkling water (the more carbonated it is, the more you create the right mix, but nothing prevents you from using still water) to taste: 200 ml for a light drink, also to accompany a meal as an alternative to plain water or classic carbonated soft drinks, 150 ml for a balance between freshness and spiciness , ideal for an alternative aperitif, 100 ml for a decidedly more pungent result, perhaps after meals, to aid digestion, or even in purity for those who love strong sensations .

Gimber in the kitchen

Gimber is also pleasant in the herbal tea version , which is prepared by adding hot water or green or black tea . If desired , it can replace the alcoholic parts in many classic cocktails: here is the Gimber Mary , with tomato juice and Worcester sauce, the Gimber Mule or the Gim Tonic , not to mention the countless possibilities of use together with fresh fruit or juices and juices , for create natural and colored soft drinks. Finally Gimber can also be used in the kitchen, when marinating meat, fish or vegetablesand the preparation of dishes with a fusion flavor. You can find Gimber in sizes of 20, 200, 500 and 700 ml, in the best delicatessens and in the markets of organic products, as well as on the site .

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