Genoa: in January there are the natural wines of VinNatur 2018

Genoa: in January there are the natural wines of VinNatur 2018

The second edition of VinNatur will take place in Genoa from 21 to 22 January 2018: at the Palazzo della Borsa to discover over 70 producers of natural wines.

“ Being a VinNatur natural wine producer is a choice not an obligation ”. This closes the production disciplinary of the VinNatur association , a disciplinary that imposes a rigorous conduct in the production of natural wines which, making it very simple, provides for the least possible human intervention and the absolute absence of chemical products, both in the vineyard and in cellar. You can check the result of this vision personally, with your eyes and palate, on Sunday 21 and Monday 22 January 2018 in Genoa , during the second edition of VinNatur Genova: a tasting stand that will bring 70 producers belonging to the association to the city.


Saturday 20 January will be preview day . The wines of VinNatur producers will in fact be the protagonists of dinners and pairings in various places in the historic center of Genoa. The actual event will take place in the splendid Palazzo della Borsa in Piazza de Ferrari, Sunday 21 and Monday 22 January, from 11 to 19. At a cost of 15 euros : a tasting desk where a selection of 70 winemakers adhering to the association will bring their wines for tasting and will be able to tell you their story. An opportunity not to be missed in Genoa, to discover something more about this way of doing viticulture and concretely taste wines produced with cutting-edge working methods but which aim for a return,to more natural and less invasive methods, providing the least possible number of interventions in the vineyard and in the cellar, excluding the use of chemical additives and manipulations by man.


Already the first edition of 2015 had been a great success in Genoa, in this 2018 edition we intend to do even better. Explains Angiolino Maule , president of the association ” Genoa is a very important appointment for us, a friendly place that always reserves great satisfactions “. As proof of this, is the fact that from this year the appointment with VinNatur will become fixed and biennial, alternating with that of Rome. Not only wine at VinNatur Genova: a selection of local producers with their gastronomic specialties will also be present at the event. In fact, there will be Ligurian cheeses , cured meats , bread and focaccia , but also real typical dishes.

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