Gennaro Esposito is the new Junior Masterchef judge

Gennaro Esposito is the new Junior Masterchef judge

Gennaro Esposito, chef of Torre del Saracino will replace Lidia Basticanich as the new judge in the next edition of Junior Masterchef Italia.

Gennaro Esposito will be the new judge of Junior Masterchef Italia . The great face of Neapolitan cuisine will replace Lidia Bastianich , the lady of Italian cuisine in the United States, and beyond in the new edition of the talent show dedicated to children . Lidia Bastianich passes the baton to Gennaro Esposito who will be the new judge of Junior MasterchefAlongside his colleagues Bruno Barbieri and Alessandro Borghese , the 2 Michelin star chef of Torre del Saracino, will try to stimulate the participants in the show and understand what cooking and nutrition represent for children, interacting, tasting and judging the dishes. presented in the various stages of the competition. As chef Esposito himself said, “I agreed to take part in this show mainly because the main protagonists are the children. The idea of ​​being able to work with them excites me and intrigues me a lot. I would like to understand their points of view, which foods they are most attracted to and why “.


Emanuele’s father, a 2-year-old child, is a parent who pays a lot of attention to his son’s nutrition, which he follows with great precision, thanks to the precious help of his wife Ivana. The desire to approach the kitchen of the little ones is also linked to the idea of creating a project linked to food education , which will come to life in the coming months thanks to the creation of an ad hoc Scientific Committee, aimed at developing the concept of spreading culture. good food .

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