Gastronomic itineraries: discovering the Langhe

If you decide to visit the Langhe, we recommend a gastronomic itinerary between Alba and picturesque villages where you can eat and drink really well.

If you decide to visit the Langhe , the treasure that awaits you is a sea of ​​Unesco Heritage hills, with vineyards, hazelnut groves and villages full of art. Our itinerary starts from Alba , home of Publio Elvio Pertinace, also called the city ​​of a hundred towers and where the International White Truffle Fair of Alba is held every year . Leaving Alba, do not miss the tower of Barbaresco , the village of Monforte and its open-air auditorium and the castle of Grinzane Cavour , home to the first Piedmontese Regional Enoteca and Unesco heritage. Visit Serralunga d’Alba and its original castle, Baroloand the Wine Museum, while in La Morra look out from the belvedere to admire the sea of ​​the Langa vineyards and then go to the discovery of the Chapel of the Madonna delle Grazie, a contemporary work of Sol Lewitt and David Tremlett.

The Langhe are a land of excellence with cheeses of the caliber of Murazzano Dop,  hazelnuts and the renowned Alba White Truffle . The dishes that must absolutely be tried are the braised meat with Barolo , the risotto with Barolo or the risotto with broad beans, fontina and Dolcetto , but also the veal with tuna sauce , the Piedmontese boiled meat  and the tajarin with truffles . Among the desserts do not miss the Lamorresi al Barolo and the hazelnut biscuits by Giovanni Cogno in La Morra. And to drink? This is a land of illustrious wines such as Barolo, Barbaresco and 2019 has been proclaimed the year of Dolcetto.


Larossa restaurant (via Don Giacomo Alberione, 10 / d). In Alba we find Andrea Larossa in his good retreat. In the restaurant with a Michelin star, the local ingredients are combined with those from abroad, giving life to unique and refined dishes such as Rabbit with pear mustard and Tabasco sauce, Pumpkin raviolo, Raschera, mustard and thyme butter or Breast of pigeon, black cherries, wasabi and red shiso.

Piazza Duomo (Piazza Risorgimento, 4). In the center of Alba there is one of the Italian restaurants that boasts 3 Michelin stars, Piazza Duomo, the undisputed kingdom of chef Enrico Crippa . From his garden and from the territory the chef takes the best ingredients to create thick dishes that need no introduction, such as Salad 21, 31, 41, which has now become an icon of taste.

Serralunga d’Alba

Trattoria Cascina Schiavenza (via Mazzini, 4). A family-run trattoria, rib of Cantina Schiavenza: a simple and well-made cuisine that offers ravioli del plin with butter and sage and tajarin with meat sauce, guinea fowl with herbs, pepper rolls and a grand finale with Piedmontese-style stuffed peaches , a traditional dessert made as it should be. The bonus? When the weather permits, eat on the terrace: the view will be as satisfied as the palate.

Grinzane Cavour

Marc Lanteri at the Castle (via Castello, 5). In the center of the Langhe in Grinzane Cavour, the historic home of Count Camillo Benso, there is the starred restaurant where in the kitchen we find Marc Lanteri, a frontier cook who combines his French origins with mainly Italian training. Lanteri chooses to interpret the Alba White Truffle and the Langhe tradition, drawing inspiration from the Ville Lumière , emblem of France. In its menu dedicated to white truffles, you can savor Parisian Gnocchi with a Raschera d’Alpeggio fondue and Alba White Truffle flakes and a sweet stinky & sweet surprise in the small pastry shop: the Macaron stuffed with white truffle ganache Alba and Piedmontese hazelnut IGP.


La Vite Turchese (via Alba, 5). In Barolo there is this little place where you can feel truly pampered, managed by Stefano, Elisabetta and Susanna. The philosophy of the restaurant is that there are new ways to taste wine, made with personalized sensory paths and labels of character to be combined with tasting lines, preceded by lessons  in which the production, characteristics, differences and curiosities of the wines are explained for tasting. In combination with wine you can enjoy refined meats and cheeses: raw meat, cooked bacon, tartare with truffle caviar, Murazzano Dop and other delicacies.


Tastè (Nicolini Alto road, 10). In the Tre Stelle area, there is this tavern whose standard of living is faithful to a traditional cuisine and seasonality: truffle fondue, ravioli with thistles, stuffed onions, veal with tuna sauce and mushroom tajarin, will make you appreciate this land.

Monforte d’Alba

Trattoria della Posta (Sant’Anna locality). An old farmhouse, where traditional cuisine reigns supreme. It is one of the historic Italian trattorias, always managed by the Massolino family, with recipes handed down from generation to generation: the veal rotondino cooked in the oven with the old- fashioned tuna sauce and the baked pepper with tuna cream, anchovies and egg, are the cornerstones among the appetizers. The tajarin with 30 egg yolks cut with a knife with meat sauce, the agnolotti del plin with mountain butter, the Piedmontese fassona fillet with tender Bra fondue and porcini mushrooms, are timeless dishes, like Grandma Tilde’s dessert, consisting of bunet, hazelnut cake, coffee ice cream and Madernassa pear cooked in wine.

Fre (locality San Sebastiano, 68). Restaurant Michelin star cool , inside the Reva, a wine charming resort. Here you can enjoy a Piedmontese cuisine with a creative twist, that of Bruno Melatti, who does not have a menu consisting of dishes but of ingredients, which the customer chooses according to their tastes, then leaving the composition to the creativity of the chef.


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