• Difficulty: 1
  • Cost: 2
  • Preparation: 2
  • Doses: 4

These cartocci can be prepared with the type of frying you prefer, it can be a Piedmontese mixture, or with vegetables such as zucchini, aubergines, friggitelli, croissants etc. or mixed seafood as in this recipe. This packet system which is accompanied by a long bamboo toothpick is particularly suitable for aperitifs or receptions served standing.


  • frying fish
  • squid rings
  • cuttlefish
  • baby octopus
  • shelled mussels
  • peeled shrimp
  • lemons
  • Flour
  • salt
  • frying oil
  • pepper


  1. I wash and dry the fish, pass them in the flour, using a sieve to remove the excess.
  2. I fry crispy in hot oil, pass them on absorbent paper, season them with pepper and salt and flavor them with grated lemon peel.
  3. I fill some paper cones, serve hot with a bamboo stick as cutlery.

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