From Sicily, quality deliveries that reach all of Italy

From Sicily, quality deliveries that reach all of Italy

There are many Sicilian companies that have prepared a food delivery service, both in the main cities and for the rest of Italy.

In a critical moment like the one we are experiencing, it is important to limit travel as much as possible and stay at home. To meet the needs of its customers,a service that reaches all of Sicily and the rest of Italythere are many Sicilian companies that have promptly enhanced the delivery service , with free delivery for the elderly, a category that now more than ever needs all our help and support. Many entrepreneurs on the island have also launched a whole series of activities to support the difficult daily life of health personnel, busy day and night in the management of the Covid-19 emergency. Below we point out some virtuous agri-food companies that deliver home, and their solidarity initiatives:


  1. Fruit, vegetables and vegetables: Bosco Ficuzza. The Sicilian farm Bosco Ficuzza extends for 100 hectares on the slopes of the Madonie mountain system, in the province of Palermo, at an altitude of 200 meters above sea level. Seasonal fruit, vegetables and vegetables, grown in the open field and under organic farming, arrive comfortably at home thanks to an efficient and professional Biovan that delivers to your home throughout the city. For shipments to the rest of Italy, the online store is active on the site, entrusted to a network of specialized messengers with state-of-the-art vehicles equipped with refrigerators, qualified only for the transport of food. Among the products to try also paté, artichokes in oil, tomato puree, ready sauces, jams, artichoke and eggplant caponata, worked by skilled female hands and according to the ancient recipes of this rural and unspoiled corner of Sicily.
  2. Wine: Alessandro di Camporeale and Tasca d’Almerita . The Alessandro di Camporeale winery has recently created a temporary online shop, with special conditions of sale, valid for purchases throughout the Italian territory. An initiative to comfort those who stay at home during these days with a good glass of wine. The temporary shop will remain active until the end of the emergency situation.  The company has also launched a commendable solidarity initiative, launched in collaboration with some points of sale still open: a special package called # andràtuttobene has been created. It is a case with two of the most representative labels: Grillo Vigna di Mandranova 2018and Kaid Sauvignon 2018 , on sale at a promotional price of € 20. For each pack purchased, Alessandro di Camporeale will donate all the proceeds due to the winery (€ 10) to some Sicilian hospitals engaged in the Coronavirus emergency (see the official Facebook page for the updated list of participating stores). Even the historic Sicilian wine brand Tasca d’Almerita , together with some of the most important Italian wineries, has taken steps to give concrete help to the ongoing health emergency. For each bottle purchased on Tannico , 1 € will be donated to ASST Fatebenefratelli.
  3. Modica chocolate: Sabadì . For the ninth consecutive year Sabadì was awarded as the best chocolate of Modica, winning the coveted Golden Tablet , the oscars of Italian chocolate. To celebrate this milestone, a 15% discounton all online purchases. An initiative that is more significant than ever in this moment of emergency in which travel needs to be limited. Through the site it is possible to order, in addition to Modica chocolate (organic farming, fair trade and slow food products), also natural candies, Sicilian soft nougats, chocolates from the first cellar in the world for the refinement of chocolate and preparations for organic Sicilian citrus fruit drinks to make at home, precious allies for the body and mood. Shipping throughout Italy, free with a minimum order of 39 €. To activate the discount enter the discount code celafaremo. 
  4. Extra virgin olive oil: Ravida . There is nothing better, tastier and healthier than a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, the main ingredient of the Mediterranean diet. In Sicily, the noble Ravida family boasts a long tradition in quality olive growing. Today, new technologies have been added to the centuries-old experience in the field, always respecting the principles of sustainability that safeguard the agricultural ecosystem. Ravida liquid gold stands out for its organoleptic characteristics and nutritional values. Selected among the best extra virgin in the world ( Guide Flos Olei 2020), is a true champion: rich in aromas of fresh olive, ripe tomato and lemon blossom, with a delicate spicy and persistent aftertaste on the palate, versatile in the various combinations in the kitchen. Also worth trying are the condiments – awarded at the latest edition of the Great Taste Award English haute cuisine competition (the oscars of food) – with citrus-scented notes, to make even the simplest dishes unique. On the site it is possible to order the entire range online and shipments of even a single product are made, with a contribution of € 5.90 (insurance included) for Italy.

Initiatives in Palermo and its province

Natural honey: Claudio Meli . The beekeeper Claudio Meli has been engaged for years, with passion and dedication, in an admirable activity of promotion and enhancement of the honey supply chain. A sector still too undervalued and little known by the final consumer. Claudio Meli ‘s Miele Meli is free of any additive and is not subject to any type of manipulation, in total respect of the hard-working Sicilian black bees that produce it. ” Natural and artisanal honey – says Claudio –it is a primary good, as it constitutes a natural antibiotic that helps strengthen the immune defenses of our body. In these difficult days, after receiving so many requests from customers and friends, I decided to personally deliver the honey to small purchasing groups, family members or condominiums “. For home delivery a minimum order of 20 jars of 250 g each is required. The varieties currently available are: sulla, citrus, wildflower, chestnut, eucalyptus and mead. In consideration of the Covid-19 emergency, the manufacturer applies a special wholesale price to all products: € 3.50 per jar and € 12 for the 500 ml bottle of mead. Each order will also receive 1 bottle of 20 ml of alcoholic propolis solution (with dropper). For group orders, in Palermo and its province, call (or send an order via whatsapp) at 327 8679506. 

Supermarket: Prezzemolo & Vitale . The activity carried out by the quality supermarket chain Prezzemolo & Vitale is admirable which, since the health emergency began, immediately took action with concrete actions at the service of consumers and the community. The fresh production chain and all shelf products are treated scrupulously by observing the safety measures indicated by the Dpcm. The stores have limited entrances, the operators are equipped with gloves and masks, the premises are regularly sanitized and consumers are ensured (and required) that the minimum safety distance of 1 meter is respected, both inside and outside the shops. Online shopping on the site has also been enhancedand on the Prezzemolo & Vitale App, in the online shopping section. Telephone orders are temporarily suspended, with the exception of the service for those over 65 for which free home delivery is provided, to be made with a simple call to the number 334 6348984 during the opening hours of the points of sale. P&V has also chosen to actively support the health structures of Palermo engaged in the front line in the management of the emergency from Covid-19, by donating three latest generation laryngoscopy systems. A commendable contribution to facilitate the difficult work of all medical-health personnel and of those who offer their precious service to the entire community.

Sanlorenzo Market .In this period of quarantine, Sanlorenzo Mercato also decided to activate the home service and thus contribute to the collective commitment not to leave the house. Each week it will be possible to reserve a different boxwith a selection of different products: mackerel, sea bream, heifer burgers, chicken, seasonal vegetables such as broccoli, artichokes, Ribera oranges, Marsala strawberries and Sicilian organic wine in a 3 liter box. Two formats, with different sizes (large and maxi), which contain the best products from the guaranteed supply chain available at the moment, according to seasonality and availability of suppliers. A support therefore for those who, in this difficult situation, try as much as possible to maintain at least good eating habits, in full compliance with all ministerial regulations. Through the official channels of Sanlorenzo Mercato (on social networks and on the website), the available cassettes will be published every week, to be booked for domicile in a large area of ​​the territory of the city of Palermo. This is a limited number service, to guarantee the freshness and quality of the product. All information is available through the customer service hotline 335 8359556, which answers every day from 9.30 to 13 and from 15.30 to 19.30.

Artisan coffee: Morettino . In order not to give up the aroma of coffee, the historic Palermo Morettino roasting company has activated the Morettino solidarity campaign at your home , created to reinforce the invitation not to go out: those who live in Palermo and its province will be able to receive slow-working artisan coffee produced in Sicily (ground, grains, pods and compatible capsules) to your home, with free delivery without spending limits for the elderly. Morettino has always stood out for its commitment to numerous social initiatives in Palermo and in these days it will offer coffeein all hospital departments involved in the management of the Covid-19 emergency (Villa Sofia-Cervello Hospital, Di Cristina Benfratelli Civic Hospital and Paolo Giaccone Polyclinic): a small but important gesture to support the daily lives of those who, in a heroic way, are doing their job in the ward. And it does not end there, the Morettino family will allocate part of the proceeds of the initiative to the hospitals most affected by the emergency and to the Sicilian companies that are activating the production of masks and health devices, to be distributed free of charge to local operators. 

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