From Restaurateur Top seven steps to survive the Covid crisis

The RestauratoreTop consulting agency has drawn up a guide containing 7 points to follow to address the current crisis in the world of catering.

Covid crisis: Italian restaurateurs try to raise their heads in the light of the latest government measures . To dictate the rules for an attempt to survive in this dramatic economic situation is RestauratoreTop , a consulting agency that can count on a community of over 10,000 restaurateurs throughout Italy. Seven points to follow to transform the difficult moment into an opportunity for growth for the category . An alternative to the protests, sometimes ends in themselves, of these days and to the simple use of social safety nets, or refreshments, if you prefer, made available by the Conte government.

The strategy to follow

Seven points along the way to the survival of its business in spite of the crisis triggered by the Covid emergency.


  1. First the restaurateur, then the collaborators. This is suggested for greater mental safety. The recovery starts with the boss : once you have regained balance, clarity and positivity, you have to transmit these certainties to the staff and work on team spirit.
  2. Cash is king. To survive without collections, you must try to extend liquidity beyond the average of the 16 days calculated by a study by JP Morgan & Chase. Among the suggestions bargaining with suppliers to spread payments or rateizzarli; review food costs; engineer the menu to focus on the most profitable and popular dishes with a view to takeaway and delivery; review staff shifts and resort to shock absorbers if necessary.
  3. The customer list. The database is a treasure to be exploited through social networks, telephone calls to order or book, the automation of management software and articulated wifi systems.
  4. Gray Kitchen. Many speak of dark kitchens, a kitchen not open to the public to be used for the delivery channel. Better a hybrid model, a gray kitchen that works for the venue if it is open to the public and takes advantage of the home delivery and take-away channel by using the customer database and internal delivery for greater profit margins.
  5. Customer campaigns. To better manage the current customers and increase them, it is necessary to focus on the systems for collecting and managing reservations and delivery / take-away orders via SMS and WhatsApp to inform customers of the order, shipment and that the meal is ready for pickup. It is essential to invest in social networks and search engines.
  6. Wow effect. Impressing customers is essential for loyalty. It triggers the most powerful form of marketing that exists: word of mouth.
  7. Loyalty. There are many tools to keep customers close: from nurturing , a sort of entertainment with useful and interesting content, to calls to action for promotions, surveys or requests for reviews, up to upsell and cross-sell , to propose products, merchandise and new ones. experiences.

The testimony of those who have tried it

From Rock Burger in Turin, the owners Ronnie Pizzo and Melania Gida were able to exploit the database with 12 thousand customers thanks to Plateform , a platform that allows you to manage reservations, orders and marketing initiatives. During the last lockdown they started the delivery with great success . ” In the months of March, April and May we managed to suffer only a 30% drop compared to the pre-Covid average and reopening thanks to the excellent loyalty process, we reached + 15% in September 2020 compared to September 2019. In October we were traveling at + 20% ”they explain. They have restarted with the delivery and are aiming at launching an exclusive membership to keep their customers closer and closer. In Bergamo, the Trattoria Taiocchi Curno by Ovidiu Gabriel and Elisa Taiocchi, after the first lockdown, increased its turnover by 23% during the summer ” thanks to targeted customer acquisition actions including the sponsored in target with which we gave away coupons discount if the customer returned. We have also studied special offers or exclusive benefits for the most trusted “. Strengthened by this experience, they immediately reorganized , restarting with the delivery services and communicating the news on all our channels.

RestauratoreTop’s strategy

The idea of ​​a small manual in seven steps, to be followed strictly in the order indicated , was born to help the category by spurring it to act as if economic aid did not exist. “ They asked for sacrifices and we sacrificed ourselves. They promised and allocated aid that, if arrived, was not commensurate with the size of the problem – explains Lorenzo Ferrari, CEO of the agency – They asked us to adapt to the regulations for the containment of Covid-19, and the majority of us have appropriate. Then we were treated like greasers. In a situation of this type, strengthened by the experience of the spring lockdown, we can only become antifragile “.

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