From Masterchef to Chissenefood: interview with Maurizio and Andrea

From Masterchef to Chissenefood: interview with Maurizio and Andrea

After Masterchef, Maurizio Rosazza Prin and Andrea Marconetti joined forces and created a new project: Chissenefood.

Until a few years ago there were only two ways to get into the kitchen: that of school and of the mess tin and that of the housewife, in which one would cook for family and friends. For some time, however, the home cooks have come out of the home to challenge each other with a frying pan in front of the large TV audience, see  Masterchef .What happened to the former competitors of Masterchef? Two have been with us at Taste of Milano The winners have collected rich cash prizes, write recipe books and appear in other television programs: but 53 other competitors have passed in front of Cracco, Bastianich and Barbieri, mostly disappeared from the scene. Did they manage to make their culinary dreams come true? Maurizio Rosazza Prin and Andrea Marconetti , respectively second and third classified in the 2nd edition, appeared in the list of guests of honor at Taste of Milan 2014 : they gave a lesson on how to prepare a 3D pasta alla norma with fried tagliolini and presented the their special Swiss poached egg (ie coated with Emmentaler). Then they came to visit us at the Agrodolce stand, to explain their projects and their very particular way of understanding cooking.


Andrea at Taste of Milano 2014
Andrea at Taste of Milano 2014


What happened after Masterchef? Were you able to carry out the projects you had in mind at the beginning?
Maurizio: “Let’s say that the projects we had in mind suddenly changed. Masterchef changes you a lot. We have treasured the experience and above all our friendship, and now we want to propose a different way of cooking, more fun and irreverent “

Andrea: “The talent is very serious and competitive. The two of us are lighter: it is this philosophy in the kitchen that we would like to convey. We are also a little unconscious: we have left our old jobs “.

Maurizio: “Yeah, like real unconscious. We have created a project with our own brand: Chissenefood. The idea is to make it clear through our products and initiatives, such as today’s meetings, how much fun being in the kitchen can be. The point is not to take yourself too seriously ”.

How has Masterchef helped you?
Maurizio: “From Masterchef we learned above all the beauty of the relationship with the public. We always try to involve and create a bond, even with somewhat informal cooking lessons. It is very nice when someone, after fifteen months from the program, recognizes you and comes to tell you “you had to win”.

Andrea: “Yes, the public’s affection is wonderful” .




Are you planning to become a restaurant chef, now or in the future?
Andrea: “No, on the contrary, we are chefs with Q!”

Maurizio: “I’d like to dispel a rumor. It’s not like participating in a TV talent show you become a chef: yes, you work in a professional environment, but the chefs are the ones who spend fifteen hours a day in the kitchen just to learn. Talent is a strong experience from a human point of view, but it does not serve to learn a trade, it does not give you a real training “.

What exactly is your project, Chissenefood?
Maurizio: “It’s a global project. For example, there is a line of professional clothing (which includes the jackets we wear during show-cooking), which will be presented at this year’s Pitti, there are kits for those who love to cook and there will also be a book “.

Andrea: “It is a particular approach, which perhaps did not exist before: not experiencing the kitchen only through the dishes, but at 360 °. So food and fashion, colorful kits, very beautiful designs. We would like it to become a way of life ”.

Maurizio: “Or a movement of thought, don’t take cooking too seriously, but have fun with the preparation and ingredients. It is the same message that we try to convey at the events in which we participate, and also with a program that we are curating, it is called Colpi di cucina. These are videos lasting a few minutes that give ideas for doing something different at home. Without spending much, you can try frying the tagliolino, or making the egg in a double jacket. In the kitchen you have to be daring, and if you are wrong, who cares about food! “. 

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