Frog bread, the latest obsession of social bakers

Frog bread, the latest obsession of social bakers

The frog or froggy bread is the latest fixation of the bakers on social networks: a bread with a dough of your choice to be modeled in the shape of a frog.

If you are among those who during the quarantine rediscovered themselves as skilled bakers; if day after day you have perfected your loaves until you reach the heights of satisfaction; if you still want to get your hands on it, know that there is a new trend to experience firsthand: the froggy or frog bread . That is the bread in the shape of a frog . Which is becoming popular on TikTok , but also on Instagram and Twitter . Social media, as always, become the sounding board of the most daring and imaginative culinary experiments.

How it is prepared

As for the dough , the freedom of decision is maximum. There are those who prefer to prepare a sweet bread, with a soft heart and crunchy crust; those who opt for the basic recipe of focaccia, those who do not give up the mother yeast. In short, you can literally do as you please. Just keep in mind that, in some cases, adding a little more flour allows you to obtain a less sticky dough, which therefore molds itself more easily. And it is precisely the modeling that is the most complex , but also the most fun part. Creativity takes the field.

Divide the mixture into 7 parts : one larger, 4 smaller and 2 further smaller. The largest will be the body of the amphibian, give it an oval shape and then squeeze it slightly; the 4 smaller ones will be used to create the two hind legs and the two front legs. The last two pieces will have to become balls, that is, the eyes. To glue everything together, just press lightly with your fingers. Do you want your frog bread to have pupils too? Use two black olives or raisins. With the blade of a knife you can trace his smile. And if you want to take it even further, add pureed spinach to the dough, so the appetizing frog will also have the color decided by Mother Nature.

The previous

To tell the truth, frog bread is not an absolute novelty: we found traces of it in a post published 15 years ago on The Fresh Loaf website . And it seems that this post coincides with the origin of the frog-shaped bread. Despite the detailed description, including the recipe, the idea had not been very successful. The real springboard was the quarantine.

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