Forget the gingerbread houses, here are the Charcuterie Chalets

Forget the gingerbread houses, here are the Charcuterie Chalets

The gingerbread houses are out, now it’s time for the Charcuterie Chalets, houses made up of cold cuts and cheeses according to one’s imagination.

Among the most popular Christmas traditions in North America and Northern European countries are the gingerbread houses , according to some theories inspired by the greedy and small house that contributed to making the fairy tale Hänsel and Gretel famous all over the world.small houses decorated with cold cuts of all kinds, as an appetizerThey are made mostly for ornamental purposes, it is rare that they are eaten; many families are very fond of this custom and many supermarkets even sell ad hoc decoration kits. But be careful, because in this 2020 something is happening. Many Americans have decided to replace the Gingerbread Houses with the Charcuterie Chalets , that is, the charcuterie houses . A new trend, architectural appetizers that dominate the center of the table and are prepared to be admired, yes, but also savored. Piece by piece.

How to make

The preparation of the Charcuterie chalet is very simple. First of all, you need to define the size of the house and choose the right support, for example a large serving dish or a cutting board. So let’s start: for the foundations and the structure it is good to use crackers, bread sticks, flatbreads ; doors and windows take shape thanks to pretzels and sticks, or we suggest designing the profiles with pumpkin seeds. Another alternative, again in reference to the openings of the house? Slices of semi-hard cheese . A thicker and shorter piece of cheese becomes the chimney pot.

And again, a duty is to cover the sloping roof with slices of salami (the choice of type is up to you), while those who want to reproduce the wooden coatings can resort to slices of bacon . But how to glue the various pieces together, which product can take the place of the mortar? Any soft cheese , starting with brie: a slight pressure and that’s it.

The other elements

Then we move on to the context. The edges of the path leading to the cottage can be outlined with almonds, olives, peanuts or micro pieces of cheese ; for any flooring, on the other hand, other slices of salami or bacon generally come into play. Sprigs of rosemary or small buds of broccoli magically transform into trees, green and black olives are the shrubs. The snow? The grated cheese , of course. We want to specify that these are simple suggestions, the beauty of these houses (and, after all, also for the gingerbread ones) is that there are no standard recipes, but they must be the fruit of the imagination. Each is unique, personalized, unrepeatable.

Some recommendations

The charcuterie chalets are original and of great visual impact, even very tasty. However, we must point out that, if the various parts are not fixed well, there is a risk that they will collapse . We therefore invite you to pay close attention to this step and choose the right cheese, perhaps doing tests first. Another tip: even if it is a pleasure to put it on the table immediately and admire it, resist and leave your little house in the fridge until it is time to eat , otherwise the cured meats go limp, the cheeses become mushy, in short, the result when tasted. can be compromised.

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