Food shaming: no to dishes of shame

Food shaming: no to dishes of shame

The Macy’s chain is at the center of the controversy for a line of dishes called Pourtions, with a design that takes food shaming lightly.

The life of a woman is difficult, the life of a woman who likes to eat is very difficult. An interesting all-American controversy on a line of dishes proposed by Macy’s dates back a few days ago, on 22 July to be precise .the dishes accused of food shaming are part of the pourtions lineThe theme is food shaming . But what happened? On Sunday, the American journalist Alie Ward posted a tweet that caused a lot of discussion. Visiting a Macy’s store, the reporter came across a line of dishes specially designed for portion control , which so far (according to some theories) may as well be fine. The problem is the way of real mockery: these dishes have in fact drawn on their surface concentric circles of different sizes, from the smallest to the largest, ranging from foodie to food coma , from skinny jeans to mom jeans . An approach that would have liked to be nice, but which in reality could not be more hateful than that. And why not dad jeans ?

These dishes are part of a line called Pourtions , which also includes very nice wine glasses, which measure from the lips to the hips , meaning where the calories consumed with wine will be found: truly exhilarating. Ward posted a photo of the aforementioned plates asking how they could be picked up by all 50 states. Needless to say , the tweet went viral in just a few minutes . Macy’s had to respond, admitting that they missed the mark with this product, that they didn’t understand its offensive (but also dangerous) meaning, especially for people with eating disorders .The chain said it has withdrawn the products from their stores , but these dishes remain available elsewhere.

A delicate problem

However, this type of tableware is not exclusive to this brand, but is part of a much broader trend, also supported by certain theories. The concept for which we are overfed is not entirely wrong and it is right not to overdo the portions , but this must absolutely not become an obsession , and above all it must not be a reason for ridicule and shame . In fact, in this trend there are different types of tableware to encourage portion control, and unfortunately many are aimed at the female audience, always under a lot of pressure regarding the aesthetics of the body.

The dishes they control

There are many dishes to make you hyper-aware of how much you are eating: there are dishes designed to prevent you from putting more than one portion of protein or carbohydrates, there are even forks and spoons specially designed to hold very small portions of food, there are other tableware designed to aid portion controlbut also tools that manage to control the size of the portion being cooked, placing them in the pan or on the plate. According to some nutritionists, in fact, eating from smaller plates causes the brain to eat less and feel equally full. But if on the one hand this type of tableware could be useful for those who need to nourish themselves in a measured way for health reasons, it is absolutely harmful for those who have no health problems but who instead are obsessed with figure or thinness. The fact that these dishes have been withdrawn from Macy’s is certainly positive, but the fact that they were previously offered for sale without thinking about the message they were conveying means thatwe are still very far from the awareness that it is not by being thin that we will solve all our problems . What do you think about it?

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