Food safety: reduce antibiotics on farms. Treatment-resistant bacteria can develop through eating meat

Food safety: reduce antibiotics on farms. Treatment-resistant bacteria can develop through eating meat

“Use antibiotics with caution!” So says the latest campaign promoted by the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) to warn citizens about the excessive and improper use of these medicines. For years now, the health sector has been trying to inform citizens about the risks involved in the abuse of antibiotics. Few people know that even eating meat can develop resistance because the fibers contain drug residues.

Half of the antibiotics prescribed in Europe are intended for veterinary use, in farms they are used to treat diseases, to prevent certain diseases and to stimulate growth! According to experts, this widespread use of medicines certainly favors the growing resistance to antibiotics in humans.

The Italian Paolo de Castro, President of the Agriculture and Rural Development Commission A proposal made proposals to address the problem. The first thing to do is to collect analyzes and data relating to the sale of antibiotics for veterinary use. More research is also needed on possible alternatives to the use of antibiotics on farms (such as vaccinations, genetic improvement, biosecurity). Systematic monitoring of antimicrobial resistance in production and companion animals is also needed.

The conviction of the experts and also of the WHO experts is that we must work in this direction and drastically reduce the use of these compounds to guarantee antibiotics also in the future their function against diseases.

Roberto La Pira

Factsheets on antibiotic resistance by Epicentro (National Center for Epidemiology, Surveillance and Health Promotion)

Resistance to antibiotics can cause serious consequences for many aspects of our life: it hinders the control of infectious diseases, threatens the return to a “pre-antibiotic” era, increases the costs of health care, threatens health security, harms trade and economies. In particular, resistance phenomena have been observed among widespread infectious agents, such as tuberculous mycobacterium, malaria plasmodium and HIV. In fact, the incorrect use of drugs against TB causes the onset of 440 thousand new cases of resistance a year and the death of about 150 thousand people; Cases of resistance to first generation antimalarial drugs have been observed in countries where the disease is endemic and, in recent years,

Causes of resistance to antimicrobials
It is a phenomenon of resistance that microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and some parasites, develop against drugs that were previously effective against them. The causes of this phenomenon are to be found in the excessive or incorrect use of drugs such as premature interruption of a course of antibiotics or the use of older generation drugs. In particular, the WHO has identified some key factors related to the onset of resistance phenomena:

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