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Food four Less
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Food four Less is the call of numerous grocery save chains, the biggest of that’s presently owned with the aid of using Kroger.[1] It is a no-frills grocery save wherein the clients bag their personal groceries on the checkout. Kroger operates Food four Less shops withinside the Chicago metropolitan area (Illinois and Indiana) and Southern California. Kroger operates their shops as Foods Co in northern and relevant California, due to the fact they do now no longer have the rights to the Food four Less call in the ones areas. Other states, which includes Nevada,

[2] previously contained Kroger-owned Food four Less shops.

There are different shops scattered during the US with the Food four Less call, a part of franchise agreements with diverse wholesalers, which includes Unified Western Grocers and Associated Wholesale Grocers Midwest. These shops have specific penetration in relevant and northerly California. The Food four Less call became formerly utilized by Fleming Companies, Inc., however as Fleming exited diverse areas and in the end collapsed, the rights to the call went to wholesalers who picked up a number of Fleming`s former clients.

1 Falley’s
2 Nugget
three Fleming
four PAQ, Inc.
5 Gongco Foods

The Food four Less call and brand became at the start conceived withinside the Nineteen Thirties with the aid of using Lou Falley, who evolved a series of shops each withinside the Food four Less call (with the warehouse/no frills format) and the Falley’s call. The Falley’s shops have been complete provider supermarkets, even as the Food four Less shops have been warehouse shops, wherein exertions prices have been reduce with the aid of using having the groceries stocked to the cabinets withinside the authentic cases, in preference to stacking man or woman items. These shops have been placed during jap Kansas and components of northwestern Missouri. Over the years, the variety of Falley’s save diminished, and have been changed with Food four Less shops. Falley’s additionally franchised Food four Less in states wherein it did now no longer operate.
Ron Burkle’s Yucaipa Companies received Falley’s in 1987.[3] In a duration of consolidation for the grocery industry, Food four Less merged into Ralphs; Fred Meyer received Ralphs in 1997, and became received with the aid of using Kroger a 12 months later. In 2015, Food four Less exited the Las Vegas marketplace and Nevada entirely. Six of the shops have been transformed to sister save Smith’s, a distinguished grocery chain owned with the aid of using Kroger withinside the Las Vegas area. The last Food four Less shops have been virtually close down.[4]

1 Falley’s Food 4 less

In 1998, Fred Meyer bought Falley’s and the midwest Food four Less shops to Associated Wholesale Grocers of Kansas City.[5] The warehouse kind shops have been slowly phased out in prefer of complete provider Food four Less shops with a brand new brand and format.
In January 2006, the AWG-owned Falley’s and Food four Less shops placed in Kansas have been mixed with sister organization Homeland Stores, primarily based totally in Edmond, Oklahoma. The organization modified the names of the Food four Less shops, which it can not use past Kansas and Missouri, to AWG manufacturers which includes Price Chopper.

Nugget Food 4 less

Kroger makes use of the Foods Co call in Northern California, wherein it’s far sure with the aid of using an settlement among Falley’s and grocer Nugget Markets, Inc. One Food four Less save in Northern California is controlled and operated with the aid of using Nugget. Kroger does now no longer have any administrative manipulate over the unmarried Nugget Food four Less save.
Nugget’s Food four Less is confined with the aid of using its settlement with Fleming in its cappotential to market it in circulars. Kroger’s Food four Less circulars will function man or woman merchandise on sale while Nugget’s Food four Less circulars handiest sell income occasions and client testimony. Ad charges from the Kroger Food four Less chain aren’t honored.
The Nugget Food four Less save additionally functions a extraordinary choice of merchandise than the Kroger Food four Less shops because of Nugget’s pooling of sources from its upscale Nugget Market shops. Marketing and management of the Nugget Food four Less save is treated thru the Nugget Market Corporate Office in Woodland, California, and any requests for different Food four Less shops may be deferred to the Kroger Corporate Office in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is uncertain whether or not Nugget Markets and Kroger will keep the Fleming dating whilst the franchise settlement expires.
Nugget operated a complete of 3 shops in Northern California; in Cameron Park, Vallejo, and Woodland. In 2014, the Food four Less in Cameron Park became transformed into Fork Lift, a brand new save idea with the aid of using Nugget.[6] The Food four Less in Vallejo became shuttered on May 15, 2016, leaving the Woodland vicinity as Nugget’s sole last Food four Less save.[7]

Fleming Food 4 less

Fleming became some other franchisee of the Food four Less call. In early 2003, Fleming filed for bankruptcy, inflicting the organization to location all Fleming owned Food four Less shops up for bids to different countrywide grocers. Three shops in Utah have been bought with the aid of using Albertsons, who retained shops. The shops saved the Food four Less call till January 2005, whilst the names modified to the Albertsons owned Super Saver call. Another save in Pinole, California have become a FoodMaxx, a price-effect save owned with the aid of using Save Mart Supermarkets.
In Oregon, handiest one former Fleming save remained, in Salem which became a part of the Mega Foods neighborhood chain of 4 shops. The last save became transformed into Mega Foods. An independently run former Fleming save in Portland became closed in January 2013.

PAQ, Inc. Food 4 less

PAQ, Inc., is likewise some other franchisee of the Food four Less call with shops in northern California. The franchisee operates Food four Less shops in Arroyo Grande, Atascadero, Ceres, Lodi, Los Banos, Manteca, Paso Robles, Rio Linda, Sacramento (three shops), Salinas, San Luis Obispo, and Stockton (four shops).[8] Kroger additionally does now no longer have any administrative manipulate over the PAQ, Inc., Food four Less shops. The franchisee additionally operates Rancho San Miguel Markets, a grocery store focusing on Hispanic offerings.[9]

Gongco Foods Food 4 less

Gongco Foods operates seven franchised Food four Less shops in relevant California.[10] The shops are placed in Atwater, Fresno, Madera, Merced, Porterville, Selma, and Visalia.[11] They are

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