Even quality coffee arrives at home from these 8 roasting companies

Even quality coffee arrives at home from these 8 roasting companies

Given the situation, many roasters and micro-roasteries have organized themselves to send blends and specialty coffees directly to their customers’ homes.

The coffee ritual was interrupted due to Covid, the magic of espresso at the bar has vanished between dpcm, masks and drinks 50 meters away from the venue. That’s why so many roasters and micro-roastery have decided to bring their mixtures and blend selected, the specialty coffee and accessories to prepare the platforms e-commerce . The opportunity to rediscover the pleasure of a good coffee at home , a tradition that lasts to die given the more than positive response recorded by the tricolor roasting companies. Waiting to be able to return to all of Italy to savor the good scent of espresso in the morning directly at the counter.


  1. Picapau Coffee Roastery (Rome) . The recovery of specialty coffee to revolutionize the world of coffee. This is the mission (and above all the dream) of Picapau, an Italian-Brazilian micro roastery born in 2019 in Rome. Great attention is paid to research, roasting and supply of the highest quality coffee. Behind this brand we find Emanuele Bernabei, founder and roaster, and Carolina Teixeira Dos Santos, administrative manager. The efforts of the two are aimed at training, hence the possibility of following courses as well. The coffees can be purchased on the site .
  2. Forno Brisa (Bologna) . At Forno Brisa coffee has been at home for a few years: inside the bakery there is a corner bar for lovers of specialties from the best roasting companies. In recent months, Brisa Coffee Roasters , the line obtained from the micro-roastery in the laboratory in via Galliera,made its debut. The plantations are in Peru and Honduras to obtain high quality beans. The coffee is roasted directly by Brisa and as well as being sold in the oven, it can also be ordered online (shop.fornobrisa.it/negozio): on the site you can find both the filter and moka versions.
  3. Handicraft Firm (Florence) . The name of Francesco Sanapo is now known all over the world for his efforts to make Italian specialty coffees known. In Florence Ditta Artigianale has two rooms in the center and a micro-roasting for the production of blends. For some months now, the Ditta Artigianale brand coffees have also been found in Esselunga (Bergamo, Bologna, Florence, Milan and Verona). Otherwise, specialty coffees can be ordered on the e-commerce site .
  4. Cognetti coffee (Bari) . From Bari Porta d’Oriente comes the Cognetti coffee. The micro-roasting of the restaurant, active since 1997, selects coffee beans from Africa, India and South America for artisanal roasting. Blends and blends arrive directly at home, for a good cup of coffee, thanks to e-commerce .
  5. Coffee Bell (Torre Annunziata, Pompeii) . Historical Neapolitan roasting with over 70 years of history behind it. Sabino Campana decided to open a pastry shop in Torre Annunziata with an adjoining roasting to offer freshly roasted coffee. The tradition continued with his son Pasquale Campana and now with the third generation. Raffaele and Paola Campana launched the Campana brand in 2013. The coffee is on sale on the family e-commerce .
  6. Edo Quarta Coffee Roaster (Lecce) . Edoardo and his brother Gaetano are the fourth generation of roasters in the Quarta house. The two grew up breathing in the scents of coffee and learning from an early age to recognize the different aromas and scents. After experiences as a chef abroad, Edoardo returned home and to his first love. Hence the decision to make the family roasting company make a qualitative leap. About 6 years ago the Edo fourth Coffee Roasters brand was born with its selection of specialty single-origin coffees that you can buy on eshop.edoquarta.it.
  7. Lot Zero Specialty Coffee (Milan) . Behind Lot Zero there is the charismatic figure of Chiara Bergonzi, a coffee expert who follows with the utmost care every phase of the selection of the beans and their roasting. In this way, the individual coffees are able to fully express their potential. On the e-shop you can buy different blends under the Lot Zero Specialty Coffee brand and also a whole series of books and accessories for latte art, a specialty of which Bergonzi is a well-known champion. 
  8. Bear Coffee Laboratory (Turin) . A journey around the world of single-origin coffees from the most uncontaminated places in the world. With these premises, Orso Laboratorio caffè has made itself known and appreciated in the Turin specialty environment. Here is the chance to discover the selections from Ethiopia to Indonesia, from Jamaica to Mexico. The goal is to support small producers and defend them from multinationals. On the online shop you can order individual blends, accessories for making coffee and even the Orso merchandising.  

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