Elegance in the glass: black wine has arrived

Elegance in the glass: black wine has arrived

Black wine, which is spreading throughout Europe, is a very dark red wine with a blackberry aftertaste, and goes well with rich and substantial foods.

A vampire or gothic soul certainly wouldn’t hesitate to swallow the first sip. A little mistrust is allowed among mere mortals, because black wine is not only unusual, but also and above all cheeky. Charming and almost overbearing, on the one hand it attracts and on the other frightens. The health conscious, then, certainly have the instinct to brand it as a product that is anything but natural. It is therefore good to clear away any misunderstandings immediately: black wine , which is spreading throughout Europe and beyond, does not contain cuttlefish ink or food coloring. There is no chemical devilry involved: it is simply a very, very dark red wine .



The black wine comes in most cases from the Malbec and Saperavi vines , present respectively in France (to be exact in the town of Cahors) and Georgia (the nation, not the American state).The number of wineries specializing in the production of black wines is increasing The number of companies dedicated to the cultivation of these particular grapes has been increasing significantly in recent times and the same can be said for the wineries specialized in the production of the drink in question: also thanks to Instagram, which has decreed its virality. And thanks to the trend relating to black food , in which it is an ideal complement. Pouring the black wine into a glass and swirling the latter, the arches that form on the glass appear red; holding the glass to the light, however, the liquid immediately takes on a truly surprising inky-black hue .

The taste


As with all wines, even in the case of the black one the flavor depends on the type of grape used, therefore Malbec or Saperavi, and on the production process. Experts and tasters tell of lighter and more full-bodied, sour or sugary versions. The lowest common denominator? An aftertaste of blackberry . Saperavi’s black wine, however, also contains spicy and toasted vanilla notes.  



Regardless of the differences between the grape varieties of origin and the production processes, the black wine is a little more acidic than the red one and is decidedly bolder. It goes perfectly with rich and hearty foodsFor these reasons it goes perfectly with rich and substantial foods such as foie gras, black truffles, beef, game, red sausages, duck in confit, cassoulet. Also good with fries, as long as they are not light. On the other hand, it is not particularly suitable to accompany the first courses, except for those with legumes or characterized by robust meat-based sauces. In short, green light for lasagna and tagliatelle with Bolognese sauce .

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