EatPrato 2021: the event of the May weekends

EatPrato 2021 will take place in compliance with current regulations and in total safety on the weekends of May: here is the program.

Prato  is preparing for a truly tasty spring: the eatPrato events , the event, have restartedThe event will take place in compliance with the regulations in place with new methodswhich over the years has grown, has renewed and enriched the various formats, has overcome, and is overcoming, even the difficulties of the pandemic, betting on new ways of using it . Compatibly with the epidemiological scenarios and the regulations in place, we therefore mentioned the punctual event in June, the three-day festival that from the beginning characterized the event with the headquarters at the Buonamici Garden in the heart of the historic center and from there through the city involving also unusual and completely new spaces such as terraces, roofs, towers, walkways along the walls. The eatPrato Summer in fact it will once again be a journey into the universe of culture and food and wine richness of the Prato area, from branded products, to typical products, to wines, to beer, to catering.

EatPrato Walking

In Prato they look beyond and invite people to visit the city and its surroundings in the month of May , thus giving way to an extraordinary mobilization of taste, art, culture and well-being, which will unfold through the city and the greenery. countryside that surrounds it. A participatory experience but in total safety , with the methods granted and in a limited and closed number. But in the presence! The historic center with its medieval walls, its palaces, churches, monuments, museums, ancient shops and above all its artisans of taste. But also the most vibrant and contemporary Prato, a young, innovative city, always in turmoil. And again, the small villages, the woods, the hills, the valleys that surround the city, the farms and the farmers.

The Saturday will be devoted to a scale thematic itineraries Urban , accompanied by historical and artistic guides, but also creative moments with actors who give face and voice to historical figures , will stage anecdotes, legends, poems, giving pills of theatricality outside the deputies spaces . In conclusion, stops for an aperitif or lunch at restaurants, bistros, wine bars along the greedy path of a Prato increasingly foodie city . Or, alternatively, there is the Deliver EAT , the gourmet eatBOX with exclusively local products, typical or newly created recipes. On Sunday instead,extra-urban itineraries : the destination is the hills of Val Bisenzio that embrace Prato with greenery and nature, the guides are both naturalistic and historical-artistic, the paths wind through the countryside, touching churches, abbeys, fortresses. At the end, the stops are at the farms, farms, agritourisms where you can collect the picnic basket and taste safely, or, according to the regulations in force at the moment, stop on the spot and discover the excellence of a local cuisine that treasures home grown products. Here you will find the complete program of walks .

Prato at the time of Dante

In fact, Prato will be the one we will discover in May at the time of Dante . Each walk will be accompanied by a special travel companion: in the Dantesque year we will walk next to the Supreme Poet, we will follow his footsteps, we will hear his name echo in a palace or in a fortress, above all we will live his time together with his contemporaries. Because in Dante’s works there is also a piece of Prato, its places, its people.

Atipico’s house

A few days ago , on the ground floor of the historic Palazzo Banci Buonamici the house of Atipico & eatPrato was born, a gallery of flavors and shop of typical Prato products of excellence : Atipico will be both a space dedicated to the promotion and sale of typical Prato products. , the Bottega , and a space dedicated to tastings and events, the Degusteria. Within the new headquarters, it will therefore be possible not only to buy Carmignano wines from all the cellars, the Biscotti di Prato in all their many variations and signed by many artisans, the local craft beers, the dried figs of Carmignano, the Mortadella di Prato, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Prato White Vermouth, GranPrato Flour and many other local products, but you can discover and get to know them by tasting them all year round . The opening of the shop will be daily, from Monday to Sunday , from 10.00 to 13.00 and from 16.00 to 19.30. La Degusteria, which will open once the health emergency period has passed, will instead come alive in the afternoon and evening, with events dedicated to the producers and promoters of the various products of excellence from Prato.

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