Eaten by us: Beyond Burger

Eaten by us: Beyond Burger

At Romeow Cat Bistrot we tasted Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burger, a totally vegan burger that mimics meat: that’s how it is.

Victims of often stale jokes and politically incorrect memes on social media, vegans are one of the most mistreated minorities in recent years. Probably, in addition to the difficulty of sharing their choices in the food sector, the stereotype of the activist ready to point the finger at the corpse mangers does not help.beyond burger simulates the taste and texture of a real meat burgerHowever, we must never generalize, among them there are also those who, while dreaming of a cruelty free world, are not engaged in attempts at proselytism. Valentina is among them: “ I have been vegan for 9 years and I have opened Romeow for 5. Mine is an exclusively ethical choice, not one of taste “. It’s easy not to eat something when you don’t like it, but many lack some flavors and luckily the market comes to meet them trying to produce (not always successfully) palatable substitutes. When he invited me to try Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burger  , a 100% vegetable product that simulates the taste, succulence and textures of a real meat burger, I accepted the challenge. And so, as a convinced omnivore, I found myself at Romeow Cat Bistrot inRome , where the only pets allowed are the six felines who camp amiably in the dining room and which arouse in me the same tenderness that I can feel for an appliance.

The hamburger

Conceived by an American start-up, which among others boasts Bill Gates and Leonardo Di Caprio as investors , the Beyond Burger is mainly made with pea protein, coconut oil (as a fat part), beet juice and a cellulose that causes the Maillard reaction to form the classic external crust. By Romeow it’s served in a classic soft bun, topped with barbecue sauce, tartar sauce, avocado, tomato, red onion, and vegan cheddar . It is also accompanied by tasty patatas bravas with pink pepper and lime .

The tasting

The visual impact is really deceptive , cutting it in half you have to look closely to understand that there is something unusual. Biting into the sandwich, the flavors mix, so I do what you should never do when eating a burger: I take it apart , trying to focus exclusively on the meatball. The consistency is quite plausible. What is more difficult to believe is that someone does not notice that it is not beef, also because, although it can be mistaken for meat, the aroma is actually more reminiscent of lamb .

The response

Enjoyable? Quite. Recommended? It depends . If you are vegan but feel nostalgia for the past , try it absolutely. If, on the other hand, your taste is no longer used to the pleasures of the flesh, you may find it even difficult. As for omnivores, it is definitely better than many other chickpea or soy meatballs made a little haphazardly, but I don’t know how many palates it can conquer. Rather, if you pass by the parts of Romeow Cat Bistrto, focus on the other dishes on the menu, some of which are really very tasty, including the delicious desserts prepared by pastry chef Barbara Giovanetti.

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