During the summer, try the Frosè

Frosè is a cocktail born in Tuscany, in the Cantina Carpineto, and combines rosé wine, ice and fruit for an ideal drink for the summer.

The pantone color of 2019 is coral: lively, summery, cheerful, its personality immediately made it stand out in various sectors, from fashion to gastronomy – the beetroot is now depopulated in many dishes and proposals. But also in mixology: one of the trends of recent summers has seen the depopulation of the  frosè , a light and delicate wine-based cocktail , excellent for an after-work aperitif in the city or on the beach promenade. The Frose , literally, is a frozen rose , a rose wine mixed with other ingredients and then served cold in the freezer, in order to create a true granita. Excellent to combine with an aperitif, the frosè in its simplest version is easy to make even at home.

From Tuscany to the world

The first to give life to the frosè were the Tuscans, precisely the Carpineto family , who really gave their Dogajolo Rosato a new parallel life in the field of mixology, making it the basic ingredient of this cocktail.the original recipe was born in Tuscany, in the cellars of the carpineto familyThe original recipe of the Frosè of Cantina Carpineto provides the Dogajolo rosé and lemon juice, strawberries and sugar, to be placed in the freezer for half a day, in order to make it a grenadine, and decorated with mint leaves. What started out as a fun marketing operation has ended up becoming a real trend: frosè has been successful not only in Italy, but is one of the most popular drinks at Eataly in New York City. The American version of frosè is a little different, less simple and more alcoholic and fruity than the original: in New York the Frosè includes the addition of vodka and peach liqueur, grapefruit juice and figs.

Where to find it in Italy

Also in Italy the frosè then took different shades and recipes according to the hand of the barman: in Florence Cristina Bini of the Santarosa Bistrot makes a citrus and bitter version, with orange angostura, lemon, rhubarb juice and violet liqueur. In Rome , Giuseppe Gravante del Moma signs his Peach Frosè  with Saint Germain liqueur and white peaches; in Trani , Tommy Scamarcio of Quadra Le Club mixes Tuscan flavors with those of Puglia, his origins with those of Dogajolo to obtain a Mediterranean (salt, lemon juice, cherries, extra virgin olive oil) and fresh cocktail.

The Apulian version

Three cities in the three corners of Italy, three versions of the frosè , three demonstrations of how this cocktail can be versatile and proposed in different versions, more or less simple, which can be adapted from time to time to the consumer’s taste.puglia in rosè proposed several frosè at vinitalyHowever, the frosè is not the only rose wine-based cocktail that wineries have studied. From the Malvasia di Schierano sorbet from the Piedmontese Bava winery, which especially the Asian markets appreciate together with the cocktail that combines the Asti grape variety with fresh fruit; up to the cocktails that Puglia in Rosè , the association of Apulian rosé producers, proposed at Vinitaly 2018: Rosita , with Negramaro spumante Rosè extra dry, Campari, white Vermouth and orange bitter; La vie en rose , with Nero di Troia rosé, Campari, grapefruit juice, raspberries and pink pepper; and Fior di Vite, based on Chardonnay sparkling brut rosé, gin, elderflower syrup, lime juice, sugar, mint leaves. Whatever the chosen wine and the favorite cocktail, this year the aperitif has the pantone color 2019, coral: #roseallyear.

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