Dry Aged Academy: in Rome the course to learn the fundamentals of aging

Dry Aged Academy: in Rome the course to learn the fundamentals of aging

From the end of November, the Dry Aged Academy courses will be held at the Beef Bazaar in Rome, organized by Braciamiancora to learn the secrets of maturation.

We have already talked about the importance of maturation , a process of maturation of the meat capable of making it more tender and which, like maturation for cured meats or aging in barrels for wines,a simple steak turns into a dining experienceallows it to develop a wide range of aromas and scents. Going beyond the standard times can be very interesting from an organoleptic point of view: a simple steak will turn into a real gastronomic experience. In Italy we are still in a pioneering phase: very few are able to better manage this process, in which different passages and variables such as temperatures and humidity come into play. For this, skills related to food chemistry and technological tools such as refrigerated cabinets are required.

Dry Aged Academy

Michele Ruschioni , is the founder of the very popular Braciamiancora website , where with articles and videos, he dispenses advice to a growing community. His is the idea of ​​founding the Dry Aged Academy which will aim to train butchers, restaurateurs and simple enthusiasts.  The headquarters of the Academy will be the Beef Bazaar (via Germanico 136), a steak house in the Prati district of Rome which boasts a selection of rule of art.


The Dry Aged Academy has two 8-hour masterclasses scheduled for now : one dedicated to maturation up to 100 days, while the second will deepen the themes concerning the most extreme seasoning and the proposal of these meats in high-level catering. The first appointment is scheduled for November 25th .


Communication is first of all among the issues to be addressed , as these meats can even visually appear repulsive. Space then to the history of maturation : an analysis of what happened in Italy and in the rest of the world. Nutritionists and university professors will shift the focus on reading biochemical analyzes . In-depth knowledge of ripening refrigerators and their functionality will be another fundamental module. Finally, there will be various comparative tasting tests . For information on costs and registration, the number to contact is 328 9551503.

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