Drinks we would do without: glitter beer

Drinks we would do without: glitter beer

The new trend regarding craft beer is sparkling: glitter beer comes from the United States, a beer produced with edible glitter.

“ God (or whoever you are), forgive them for making glitter beer “. Looking at this mug is the first sentence that comes to mind. Why, of all the things that can be done with hops, make a beer with glitter ? edible glitter has infected many drinksIt is also true that between cappuccinos and sparkling cupcakes it could not be excluded that sooner or later the edible glitter would also arrive in the mugs and make our digestive system sparkle. At the moment it seems that not many are producing it. There is a trace of glitter in Ska Brewing’s beer in Durango, Colorado; to Three Weavers Brewing Company in Inglewood, California; and at Bold Missy Brewery in Charlotte, North Carolina.

But is it dangerous to drink glitter?

glitter beer

However, while glitter sends glitter and sequin enthusiasts into raptures, there are those who raise what environmental and health concerns like how does our digestive system dispose of this colored powder? According to Erica DeAnda, master brewer at Minocqua Brewing Company, the first problem is solved by paying attention to the brand that produces the glitter used . As for digestion, on the other hand, according to her, this is not a problem because the glitter dissolves instantly in the body. In short, there is no risk of voiding sbrilluccicose . Professor Zhaoping Li does not think so.He told Eater that yes, our body is not at risk in swallowing a little glitter, but that thisit does not have to become a habit : ” Our body can handle the substance only if we consume glitter food once in a while, in small quantities “.

A gender issue


According to Vice , glitter beer has a specific goal: women who are passionate about beer. Which in this case do not just consume it, but also produce it. In fact, even most of the brewers who prepare the drink are women, a window of inclusion in a profession that has hitherto remained almost exclusively reserved for men. But beyond gender, health or environmental issues, why does everyone seem crazy about glitter food? In fact, it is not only the beer that shines, but also the cupcakes and cakes. According to a research, sparkling things attract us from childhood, because it reminds us of water, the first environment in which human beings live, and reconnects our organism to the need for vital liquid. Which in this case, however, also has a low alcohol content.

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