Drinkopoly, the board game for heavy drinkers

Drinkopoly, the board game for heavy drinkers

Are you looking for ideas for an unforgettable party? Try the alcoholic version of Monopoly, lots of challenges and, above all, lots of drinks. Find out how to play.

How many times as children or teenagers have we played Monopoly (or Monopoli), the board game that made us buy houses and hotels in Vicolo Stretto or at the Parco della Vittoria? Perhaps, even when we were older, we happened to play a game and now, that even the alcoholic version exists, we will hardly know how to refrain from pulling the data. Yes, because Drinkopoly has arrived , the drink-based variant inspired by the classic Monopoly , ideal for parties with friends, New Year’s Eve, stag / hen parties or a birthday with a bang.

What does it consist of? As in the classic board game, there is a board and a path to complete with 44 squares. In this case, they don’t have street or square names, but each section represents a pub, bar or club .whoever reaches the end of the course first winsEvery time you stop on one of these boxes you will have to read the challenge that awaits you and you will be forced to drink. As in the old Monopoly, there are then some boxes and special cards. No stations or prisons, you do not pass by, but new competitions are planned such as tongue twisters, arm wrestling, games of obligation or truth, poems to recite and so on. All moments designed on purpose to be funny but, at times, also embarrassing. Take comfort in the thought that if the alcohol content is generally high, no one or few will remember what happened or what secret was revealed during the game.

Who win? Not who bankrupts others, but who manages to complete the entire process first , sober or not. Drinkopoly has a maximum of 7 players. Inside you will find the board, the cards, the six pieces and a die. The first task is up to you, to think about drinking. Remember: be careful when driving! Better to complete the evening with a nice sleepover.

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