Drinking a lot of coffee may not be as bad as we think

Drinking a lot of coffee may not be as bad as we think

A new study analyzes the consequences of excessive coffee consumption: it may not be as harmful as we thought.

At breakfast, mid-morning. Then after lunch, to break up the afternoon with colleagues and maybe after dinner. The coffee is a habit, a ritual, a way to stay awake. And there are those who really drink a lot during the day. So far with the idea of ​​putting their own health at risk, but apparently that may not be the case. Drinking a lot of coffee , in fact, may not have consequences on the heart and circulatory system, as had been suggested up to now. This was established by new research, carried out by Queen Mary University of London, which exclusively investigated the consequences of taking the popular drink on our cardiovascular system.

To do this, the researchers took 8,000 people as a sample , dividing them based on their daily coffee consumption. In the first group they therefore included occasional consumers , who drink less than one cup a day; in the second, however, the normal ones , with a range from one to three cups a day. Finally, in the last one, the avid consumers , from 4 up to even 25 daily cups , even if the scientists wanted to clarify that the latter were very few, so much so as not to be statistically significant.

The results of the survey showed that, for each of the groups, the consequences related to the consumption of coffee were identical: no heart fatigue, no stiff arteries – one of the signs of heart problems –The consequences are the same for all types of consumersno differences based on weight, age, habits (such as smoking). It seems, therefore, that the link between excessive consumption of coffee and pathologies such as arterial ones, linked to strokes or heart attacks, are no longer to be taken into too much account. In the light of this study, as Metin Avkiran , associate medical director and one of the authors of the survey explains , the reading of the facts may have changed today. “ There are several conflicting studies – he commented – that say different things about coffee. And it can be difficult to filter out what we should believe and what we shouldn’t. We hope this research changes the perspective on some media reports, as it rules out one of the potential negative effects of coffee on our arteries . “

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