Double retreat for blue mozzarella first in Verona and then in Turin. The list of brands and supermarkets

Double retreat for blue mozzarella first in Verona and then in Turin. The list of brands and supermarkets

The news of the blue mozzarella was picked up by all the newspapers, but few know that the first alert on mozzarella was triggered on 9 June 2010 in Verona, when the local health authorities discovered a batch of blue-colored cheese, withdrew it and warned the Ministry of Health. At this point, the Ministry immediately sends a communication to the Rasff alert system in Brussels saying that these German mozzarella have been blocked, after a consumer report, specifying that the dairy products may still be on the market . 

The second announcement is sent to Brussels on June 18, 2010, saying that a second batch of Mozzarella has been withdrawn due to the same problem encountered in the Turin area and specifying that this time the product has passed the expiration date. The double alert explains why the lady who photographed the famous blue mozzarella with her mobile phone, which gave rise to the Nas kidnapping, had bought the mozzarella 17 days earlier. What most irritates in this story is the way in which the episode was treated by the media who immediately pointed the finger at German mozzarella, underlining the need to know the origin of food products. Knowing the origin is important but it is not a relevant element to evaluate the quality of a product that does not fall into the PDO or PGI category. The identity card of a mozzarella and therefore the origin is not a certificate of authenticity and quality. To evaluate the quality of a mozzarella, the label must be decoded as explained in the published noteon this site . To realize the relative importance of the origin it is enough just to browse the fraud archive.  

I remember a test done for the television program Mi manda Lubrano 15 years ago, in which the habit of mixing cow’s milk with buffalo milk was denounced, especially in summer when animals produce less milk. The addition was legitimate, but it had to be declared on the label and many producers forgot this little oneparticular. More recently in 2008 the chronicles told of buffalo mozzarella Campana Dop contaminated by dioxin. Then the ministers of the republic, to minimize the extent of the scandal, were filmed while they ate mozzarella. Someone even hypothesized a plot against our food products even if the situation was quite serious. In an official statement dated 29 April 2008 relating to the analyzes carried out in all the dairies in Campania, it was said that the 116 samples of milk analyzed from the provinces of Salerno and Benevento were all in order, while the 39 samples of buffalo mozzarella (equal 14.4%) from  the provinces of Naples, Caserta and Avellino were contaminated.On the farms front, the situation was similar: out of 83 farms seized at the beginning of the crisis in March, 31 tested positive for dioxin. I wonder why the German mozzarella turning blue is criminalized today? It would be better to point the finger at all sophistication without claiming a virtual superiority not always deserved to the Italian product.

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