Don’t throw out the expired milk, reuse it in 6 different ways

Don’t throw out the expired milk, reuse it in 6 different ways

Expired milk is certainly not healthy or pleasant to drink, but it can be used in 6 different ways so as not to waste even a drop.

Like yogurt , eggs and other foods, milk , once expired , can be used in different ways . Did not you know? Well, the time has come to fill in the gap and broaden the horizons: you will have your satisfactions, seeing is believing.


  1. Face masks : even expired, milk has an effective moisturizing action on the skin. We therefore want to reveal to you how to prepare two different masks to apply on the face. In the first case you have to pour a glass into a saucepan, add the juice of half a lemon and heat everything for 2-3 minutes. Apply the liquid on a clean, dry face, using a cotton pad; leave to act for a quarter of an hour and then rinse with cold water. To prepare the second mask, you need to blend the milk (same quantity) with a banana or 250 grams of strawberries, and then proceed as above.  
  2. Scrub : again for the face, you can also make an excellent scrub by simply putting 10 grams of baking soda in a bowl, gradually adding a little milk and stirring until a creamy and compact mixture is obtained. Apply to face, massage in circular motions and then rinse with warm water. 
  3. Clean the leather : to clean genuine leather bags, shoes, sofas and armchairs, simply dip a cotton cloth in a basin containing expired milk, squeeze it vigorously and wipe it over the surfaces in question. Finally, another dry cloth is wiped. The result? They will immediately be shinier, smoother and softer. Also, any small scratches will become much less visible. 
  4. For silverware : Do you own silver items that have become dull or, even worse, are tarnishing? There are many specific products on the market, of course, but expired milk is a very valid alternative, as well as being green and economical. Pour it into a container, add apple cider vinegar and lemon juice and dip the objects to be polished. Leave at least half an hour and then dry them with a clean cloth, even rubbing. 
  5. Stain remover : yes, expired milk is an effective natural stain remover for fabrics. The procedure is quick and easy: you just need to wet a sponge (non-abrasive) and dab it on the stain, and then proceed with the usual washing. If you are dealing with particularly stubborn stains, such as those of oil and ink, it is suggested to heat the milk a little and put more energy in it during application, then let it rest for a few hours before washing. 
  6. "/Natural fertilizer : the next time you water your plants, add the expired milk to the water (the ratio should be 50/50): you will get a perfect natural fertilizer, thanks to the vitamins and minerals present in the precious drink. 

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