Don’t drink, it’s your time: the trend of non-alcoholic cocktails

Don’t drink, it’s your time: the trend of non-alcoholic cocktails

Mixed drinking doesn’t just mean more alcoholic drinks: non-alcoholic cocktails, well made and with quality ingredients, are gaining more and more space.

The era of disco alcoholic beverages is over: lovers of mixed drinks can only rejoice in seeing the drink lists of most of the clubs,mixed drinking no longer means just alcoholic drinksbetween vast selections of ingredients and care in the aesthetics of the cocktail. Gin and tonic, Negroni , Moscow Mule are now cocktails that are well made almost everywhere: discount alcohol is banned in favor of premium and medium choice. This revolution in alcohol consumption (in favor of little or better) is directly linked to the increasingly frequent choice of light alcoholic or totally non-alcoholic cocktails . Luckily, we can begin to think that the era of traditional non-alcoholic cocktails, mash-ups made with sweet and nauseating fruit juices that left very little choice for those who did not want or could not consume alcohol, is over.

More quality, more choice

The trend, on the other hand, has been directed towards a higher quality but also towards a greater possibility of choice among non-alcoholic drinks, trying to satisfy even those who, not appreciating alcohol, still love more bitter or dry tastes.

Basic ingredients

The basic ingredients for these alternatives are the Italian soft drinks : foam, citron, chinotto, orzata, which in fact also serve as a shoulder in many cocktails. If of quality they are products that ensure a decidedly complex flavor, without falling into sugary and boring. Even teas , the tea and coffee are good products to use for non-alcoholic cocktails: Lavazza, for example, studied an aperitif soda and espressos, by adding a slice of lemon and juniper berries, it has nothing to envy to the most classic drinks.

Historical soft drinks

Many years ago, Shirley Temple paved the way : inspired by the famous Hollywood actress, this non-alcoholic cocktail consists of two parts of ginger ale, one of grenadine and one of soda, and was created by the Royal Havaien Hotel in Hawaii . Together with its similar, the Roy Rogers , in which to replace the ginger ale with Coca Cola and inspired by the American cowboy actor, but also the Fruit Punch , for a while they disappeared from the counters and tables of the clubs, only to reappear in the last times more and more frequently, to the delight of abstainers and those who have to drive, and can have a drink without giving up the search for taste and a whim for the evening.

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