Ditta Artigianale: specialty coffees arrive at the supermarket

Ditta Artigianale: specialty coffees arrive at the supermarket

For the first time, specialty coffees arrive at the supermarket: to break the delay is the Ditta Artigianale di Firenze roasting company with Esselunga.

The specialty coffees of Ditta Artigianale arrive at Esselunga . The special coffees of the Florentine roasting company will soon be available on the shelves of the Esselunga supermarket in the cities of Bergamo, Bologna, Florence, Milan and Verona. It is the first time that a niche roasting company, which produces excellent coffees and is actively dedicated to their dissemination, has started a dialogue with large-scale distribution. 

The coffees for sale , obviously in grains and 100% Arabica, do not come from a line created specifically for large-scale distribution but are already part of the Ditta Artigianale collection. There will be 3:

  • blend of Arabica from Peru, Costa Rica and Honduras recommended for mocha and espresso and designed for consumers who do not like acidity and particularly fruity scents (MammaMia) .
  • single origin of El Salvador . Pacamara v ariety, washed process, from Finca El Manzano, for a complex, floral and fruity cup of coffee. One of the most popular coffees of Ditta Artigianale ( El Manzano).
  • Ethiopian organic single origin , a heirloom with a more extreme taste profile, closer to the coffee lover community than to that of the average coffee consumer. Suitable for filter (Koke).

” Large-scale distribution opens the doors to this philosophy of coffee that tells the great work done by the protagonists of the supply chain “, says Francesco Sanapo , founder and creator of the roasting and coffee shops under the Ditta Artigianale brand scattered around Florence. And it is a real goal, a great opportunity for the entire specialty coffee segment to tell about the product, to be understood, to be respected. Breaking a little the rules, after all, of large-scale distribution.

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