Discover and get to know Cilento in 5 wines

Discover and get to know Cilento in 5 wines

Cilento is a territory rich in history and food and wine excellences: to let you know better, we have enclosed it in 5 wines to try.

The most splendid image that I will take with me intact to the North . This is how Goethe defines Paestum , in his Journey to Italy . The Cilento here flaunts its richness in terms of history and culinary excellence. A few meters from the archaeological park and the splendid Magna Graecia temples,a territory rich in history and food and wine excellencesstands the Tenuta Duca Marigliano boutique hotel. Inside there is Casa Coloni, the restaurant where chef Luigi Coppola, who was born and raised in these parts, expresses himself in a refined cuisine that considers the territory a stimulus rather than a constraint. He is supported by Claudio Tempone , also from Cilento doc, sommelier who has thought of an offer of wines capable of enhancing the chef’s dishes. The premises of an old oven serve as a cellar, where Claudio jealously keeps several fine bottles, including limited editions of local realities that will acquire further value over time. I asked him to choose five Cilentan wines that best express the terroir or that tell the story or a particular approach of their producers.


  1. Tresinus – San Giovanni Farm . It is a 100% Fiano, obtained from vineyards practically bathed by the sea. A wine full of aromas of Mediterranean scrub and hints of iodine. The recommended pairing is with Chef Coppola’s Risotto al blu di bufala and passion fruit.
  2. Marsia Bianco – Cantine Barone . The vineyards of Cantine Barone overlook the Alento dam and therefore enjoy a very particular microclimate: they are in fact exposed both to the fresh winds coming from the hill and to those coming from the sea. The resulting temperature range enhances the aromatic notes. Their Paestum IGP Bianco is obtained from the vinification of different grapes, with types and percentages that vary depending on the vintage. Recommended dishes are the free-range chicken Caesar or the tomato and mozzarella bread.
  3. Salecaro – Pippo Greco Farm . Pippo Greco is a barely thirty-year-old oenologist who embodies the Cilento wine tradition, made up of work especially in the vineyard. Salecaro is a 100% Fiano that passes from 8 to 10 months in second passage barriques, which give non-invasive notes of exotic fruit and vanilla. The Fiano is very evident and despite the good alcoholic character it is still a delicate wine. The bottles produced each year do not exceed two thousand units. Looking at the Casa Coloni menu, the most convincing combination is that with Octopus made of malt, fruit and vegetables , cooked at a low temperature and then seared, accompanied by artichokes and strawberries on a malt sauce.
  4. Emblem – Polito winemakers . A symbolic figure of a Cilento that knows how to look ahead, without denying the past, is Carlo Polito: another young winemaker who, taking over the reins of the family business, has modernized its production approach. The Emblema is the result of a blend of Aglianico and a small percentage of Sangiovese from Cilento’s large bunch. Wine that after the steel makes a passage in wood, has a good structure and hints of ripe red fruit typical of Aglianico, all lightened by Sangiovese. Very suitable to be paired with tuna tartare with avocado, pickled onions and fried capers.
  5. Miles – Cantine Barone . A pure Aglianico, old-fashioned, which makes a passage in cask and needs a long rest in the bottle. The nose is similar to a grape jam, it is both delicate and powerful. Luigi Coppola’s dish recommended with this wine is the Cube Pig (a trio consisting of: grilled fillet, terrine in cooking oil, capocollo cooked at low temperature), accompanied by apple, potato millefeuille and mixed salad.

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