Digestive power: how the sgroppino was born

Digestive power: how the sgroppino was born

With a high digestive power, the sgroppino is a rather dense Venetian drink, prepared with lemon sorbet: this is how it was born and how to make it at home.

Those who find themselves facing lucullian meals, or in any case complete and anything but light meals with a certain frequency, most likely know the sgroppino well . Not only its remarkable digestive power , but also its fresh, pleasant and delicate taste. But let’s make it clear immediately: sgroppino and lemon sorbet are not at all the same thing . Even if their paths undoubtedly cross. Sgroppino made a splash in the Eighties , then gradually lost support also because it was more and more often prepared with poor quality ingredients. In short, it seemed destined to end up in oblivion. Instead, it is back in fashion.

When and where the sgroppino was born

Sgroppino was born in Veneto a long, long time ago.an interlude between the dishes of a particularly lavish mealIn the seventeenth century it was already present on the tables of the Venetian aristocrats, just think. And it is not excluded that oriental culture and taste played an important role in its creation, given that at that time exchanges with exotic traders represented the basis of the local economy. In any case, the noble gourmets considered the sgroppino the perfect interlude between first and second courses and between fish and meat dishes; a great way, in other words, to juggle completely different flavors and avoid the sense of satiety – or rather, heaviness – from forcing you to put down your cutlery ahead of time. This also explains the name: sgroppino derives from the Venetian dialect word sgropin, in turn referable to the verb sgroppare, or to dissolve a lump. In the stomach, in this case.

How to prepare it at home

The recipe for the sgroppino is very simple. And, as anticipated, the lemon sorbet , which is the main ingredient , comes into play . For 4 sgroppini you need 150 grams, as well as 20 ml of prosecco or sparkling wine, 30 ml of vodka and 20 grams of liquid cream.the lemon sorbet remains fundamentalWhole milk (30 ml) can be used instead of cream. The sorbet can be replaced by lemon ice cream and in this case neither cream nor milk is needed. Put all the ingredients in a blender and let the appliance work for 2-3 minutes, no more. Les jeux sont faits . If you are a perfectionist, prepare the sgroppino at least 5-6 hours before the time to taste it ; if you do it the day before, it’s even better. Keep it in the freezer and remove it a quarter of an hour before serving. The ideal glass? The flute, possibly cooled in the freezer and accompanied by a long spoon, which in addition to being comfortable gives an extra touch of elegance.

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