Davide Oldani: a 2014 D’O (C)

Davide Oldani: a 2014 D’O (C)

Davide Oldani, chef of D’O di Cornaredo, tells us about his Christmas traditions and what menu he would propose for a special New Year’s Eve.

Davide Oldani’s 2013 was special: a party with VIP guests from all over Italy to celebrate the ten years of D’O in Cornaredo, two days with King Giorgio at the Armani Hotel in Milan, then the lesson held at Harvard , where he was invited to illustrate how an economic miracle is made with pop cuisine, keeping the bar straight between quality, haute cuisine and affordable prices.

What will your Christmas be like?
“We will rest: the restaurant will be closed from December 24th to January 2nd, so we will resume after the holidays. Until the 24th (at lunch) we will propose our pre-Christmas dishes with typical autumn products, such as artichoke , broccoli, pomegranate, dried figs “.

If you think about your Christmas flavor, what comes to your mind?
“ Saffron, because a family Christmas dish was risotto with saffron. Even the paté was a typical flow rate, so much so that, under the sign of this memory, we currently have a paper liver pate with port wine sauce and cocoa biscuit “.


What if I had to suggest a New Year’s Eve menu?
“I would think of something light, to balance the gastronomic excesses, but tasty: for lunch I would simply serve a vegetable broth spiced with anise and flavored with two sardine fillets, anchovies or hake to flavor without weighing it down. Followed by carbohydrates: a short creamed pasta, precisely because no extra fats are added by stirring. Finally a dessert: almond granita, coffee powder and rosemary scent. In the afternoon I would still have a tea time with panettone accompanied by white oolong tea with citrus fruits “.

Can you tell us the ideal wines with which to accompany the holiday menus ?
” Surely only bubbles, with four types that I would divide on all days of celebration: Terzavia for Sicily, Ferrari for Trentino, Monterossa for Franciacorta and finally a Krug or Pommery champagne “.

Chefacile, your new book for Mondadori, has just been released. Is the title a play on words to indicate the theme?
“ Yes, it is an attempt to indicate how to really do good cooking at home and create a healthy, balanced and full of taste dish. A collection of traditional recipes, reinterpreted by me and then proposed according to a key of easy realization “.

Future plans: there is talk of your permanent collaboration as resident chef at the Armani Hotel and an opening in New York. It is true?
” For now I do not anticipate anything: these are projects we are discussing, as well as the ideas related to Paris and Singapore “.

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