Cups Crazy: cold brew is (also) Genoese

Cups Crazy: cold brew is (also) Genoese

Tazze Pazze in Genoa, a place that deals with specialty coffee and quality coffee, has given life to a home cold brew coffee project.

An innovative project with an eye to the past and to a discourse of sustainability, which involves various realities and city activities in the historic center of Genoa , on several levels , in a collaborative network . We are talking about the cold brew of Tazze Pazze , an excellent café in the alleys of Genoa. In other words, cold brew is cold extracted coffee that becomes a fresh and thirst-quenching drink, especially suitable for summer. Prepared through a long cold extraction, of about 12 hours, which takes place by maceration (as for a tea: 80 grams of coffee in a bag for a liter of water), followed by a double filtering. Only specialty Arabica coffee is used, that is to say that premium coffee that in the cup has a more aromatic and sweeter sensory profile and, in this case, also fruity.

Once upon a time there was milk delivered home in the glass. Today, in Genoa, it is the turn of the coffee: from May Tazze Pazze will deliver – in collaboration with the bikers of Eco Bike Courier –Crazy Cups delivers cold brew bottles to numerous Genoese restaurantsThe glass bottles of cold brew in many Genoese (bars, cocktail bars, restaurants). But how did this idea come about? The project was born last autumn and basically resulted from an error, as Matteo Caruso , soul of Tazze Pazze together with Andrea Cremone , tells us : “At the beginning the idea was to bottle cold brew with a long shelf-life, but by analyzing the drink in the laboratory we saw that the bacterial load developed after several weeks, if we had not used preservatives, would have been too high. To deliver a cold brew just like the one produced in our bar, we have thus reduced storage times to just one week and thought of a city service. We have created a small contest between the main Genoese cocktail bars, which have developed some cocktail recipes based on cold brew. Deliveries have started in May: on Monday we receive orders via text message, in the night we prepare the cold brew, the next day we deliver with Eco Bike Courier couriers, which guarantee us the cold chain and the sustainability of the project “.The service will be seasonal , active until October.

Cold brew in mixology in Genoa

The cold brew of Tazze Pazze can be consumed alone, cold and served with an ice cube, or flavored in various ways. But it can also become an ingredient for mixology: 10 Genoese bartenders have developed some recipes to serve it as a cocktail . In case you want to go and taste them directly in the various places, here is where to find them: 28 Erbe (piazza delle Erbe, 28); In Rumènta (via dei Giustiniani, 71 / r); Meridiana Caffè (piazza della Meridiana, 7); Malkovich (via ai Quattro Canti di S. Francesco, 32 / r); Les Rouges (Campetto, 8); Kowalski (via dei Giustiniani, 3 / r); Patchanka Camogli(via al Porto, 23 – Camogli); Gradisca (piazza delle Erbe, 31); Negroneria (Ascent to the Torre degli Embriaci, 2); Muà (via di S. Sebastiano, 13).

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