Cracco on Netflix for The Final Table

Cracco on Netflix for The Final Table

The Final Table is the new Netflix show dedicated to food. 9 national kitchens competing, 12 pairs of competitors and 9 judges ready for the final challenge.

Fans of culinary series on Netflix ? Get ready because a new luscious format is coming, The Final Table . It is a sort of talent or, as the streaming giant defines it, an international competition dedicated to food.only the winner will be able to sit at the last table and compete for the title with 9 great chefsEach of the first 9 episodes will in fact be dedicated to 9 different national cuisines, represented by 12 couples of chefs . The talents of Italy, Mexico, Spain, England, United States, Spain, Brazil, France, India will compete in the preparation of the most representative dishes of their nation to conquer the palate of judges among critics, ambassadors of each country and celebrities. At the tenth episode, the winner will be able to sit at the last table and compete for the title against 9 great chefs, representatives of the different kitchens competing, who will themselves become competitors from judges. Only one will be the winner of The Final Table .

The nine chefs


We do not yet know the names of the competitors but we do know who are the masters who will accompany them in the first part of the competition who will be the protagonists of the last decisive challenge. Let’s start from Italy with a familiar face, a true talent expert: we are talking about Carlo Cracco , who will represent our country in this new format. Together with him we will find two characters already known to fans of the Chef’s Table series on Netflix: Enrique Olvera del Pujol of Mexico City and  Grant Achatz of the Alinea restaurant in Chicago.


The other representatives of the national cuisines will be the Spaniard  Andoni Aduriz of Mugaritz in San Sebastian,  Clare Smyth of the Core restaurant in London (best female chef at the World’s 50 Best 2018 ),  Vineet Bhatia , Indian star chef and star of the Twist Of Taste program  , the French  Anne-Sophie Pic of Maison Pic in Valence, Yoshihiro Narisawa  of Narisawa restaurant in Tokyo and finally Helena Rizzo del Manè in San Paolo, Brazil. The program will be led by food critic Andrew Knowlton while creating and producing The Final Table were Robin Ashbrook and Yasmin Shackleton, former producers of MasterChef and MasterChef Junior.


Are you ready to add the series to your favorites list? However, it seems that we will have to wait a few more weeks. In fact, the official release date has not yet been announced . In the Netflix press release, reference is made to a generic one this year so we will be able to start following The Final Table by 2018. There are those who dare to refer to autumn as the season of this new format to discover the culinary traditions of various countries in competition. Who will be the winner of this first challenge? Waiting for new details, we just have to dedicate ourselves to the fifth season of Chef’s Table, available from 28 September.

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