Cracco brings the “suspended dinner” to Milan

Cracco brings the “suspended dinner” to Milan

Carlo Cracco is the creator of the suspended dinner project in Milan: the idea of ​​offering a meal to those who cannot afford it was born from a Neapolitan tradition.

Do you know the famous Neapolitan tradition of suspended coffee? It is an ancient custom of paying for an extra coffee and leaving it pending for a stranger. It is a way of offering a thought to those who need it, giving the opportunity to consume the famous drink in a totally free way. From coffee to paid dinner is a moment and so Carlo Cracco , taking inspiration from the Neapolitan tradition, has created the suspended dinner for people in difficulty who live in Milan and its surroundings.In Milan the suspended dinner starts and with carlo cracco the way to offer a dinner to those who cannot afford it is born The initiative was presented in recent days at Palazzo Marino: starting from August and until the end of November , in the 30 restaurants in Milan that have joined the project, it will be possible to donate a meal to those who cannot afford it, with a simple gesture of solidarity.  The participating restaurants will put a bill holder on the tables of the place ,  where the project is explained. When paying for the dinner, the customer can make a donation, which will be kept in an envelope inside a display case. All donations will be collected by Caritas Ambrosiana and subsequently converted into restaurant tickets worth 10 euros.


The beneficiaries of these special meal vouchers will be able to sit down and eat their suspended dinner in one of the more than 4000 Milanese establishments that accept Edenred certificates (partner of the initiative). During the press conference Carlo Cracco declared: ” Milan is a city of solidarity,  this initiative is a concrete but discreet help” .

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