Cook for love: Andy Luotto

Cook for love: Andy Luotto

Andy Luotto, comic actor and historical collaborator of Renzo Arbore in many projects, has been in the limelight for years with another great art, cooking. His is a sincere passion that he puts into practice as a Freelance cook.

Was the cook or the actor born first? He tells us, Andy Luotto , in an interview in which he reveals the details of what for him is not just a passion, but above all an art and a profession: gastronomy. Starting out as a self-taught chef, Luotto has been at the fore for years in the context of the major food and wine festivals held throughout Italy. From his knowledge of the subject, a diploma from a hotel school, a successful TV program,  Pasta, Love and Fantasia , a restaurant in Sutri – now closed – and two books. One published in 2011, Chef’s Face , the other coming out these days, Padella Story , published by Reverdito.


Andy Luotto, freelance actor and cook
Andy Luotto, freelance actor and cook


Andy, why did you decide to follow the kitchen instead of continuing full time, as in the past, with the entertainment world?
“Actually my job, ever since I was a boy, has been that of a cook. The world of entertainment found me, I was lucky, but who I am is above all in the kitchen. “

<< Cooking for me is life, it’s everything. If one does not eat he cannot live, and if he eats badly he also becomes sad >>

You cooked for 140 people on the occasion of the twinning of the New Universities of Cinema and Television of Cinecittà and Alicante. Tiring?
“Well, for that matter, I also cooked for 500 people, and that is tiring! However, when it comes to large banquets, the advantage is that everything takes place in stages: you choose the menu, the raw material that must be of extreme quality, the collaborators, and then you have to give your best in the best possible way. “

What is cooking for you?
“ Cooking for me is life, it’s everything. If one does not eat, he cannot live, and if he eats badly he also becomes sad. “


Andy Luotto and his brigade
Andy Luotto and his brigade


What are the dishes you prefer to prepare or eat?
“ Hard to say. Surely my favorite dish is spaghetti with tomato sauce: it is based on a few flavors wisely mixed and immersed in an infinite tradition called Italy. And you can understand it well when you prepare this dish with fresh seasonal tomatoes and basil. “

You have chosen not to be self-taught forever and, indeed, to graduate from a hotel institute, why?
“ I find that at some point one needs rules. As in the kitchen: you need precise rules and measures. Cooking at home is one thing, but cooking for others is a big responsibility. You need to know the tradition and then the technology, concepts such as induction, vacuum, use of cold. Just as an example: you have to know how to distinguish between a cream and a velvety and if you have to prepare a béchamel you have to know the precise quantities of the ingredients. This does not mean clipping the wings of creativity on the contrary. Knowledge is freedom. 

What do you think of classic catering and why did you choose not to have a restaurant anymore?
” I think that today, unless you manage to build a small family-type business, the restaurant costs the cook / owner in a reckless way, especially in the face of the use of large raw materials, of a fair number of collaborators in good standing. , and all the taxes that are incumbent on an honest restaurateur. Some choose to face this difficult situation, I have chosen a freelance career. “

And what does a freelance cook do?
“He checks the proposals and independently chooses where and for whom to cook. For now, that’s fine “

Andy Luotto

Cooking shows on TV are always very popular, even you in 2007 made one.
“ The program that Marisa Laurito and I did was very funny.<< I am against cooking TV programs because everything is presented as a game >> But I am strongly opposed to TV shows about cooking, because everything is presented as a game. Of course, even in the kitchen the playful aspect is fundamental, but cooking, as I have already said, is a great responsibility. When we read a book, if we don’t like it, we abandon it, as well as when we watch a program we don’t like and change the channel. Once food is within us, it is within us and that’s it. Lately on TV cooking is often associated with a competition, but it is not, it is one of the most beautiful jobs in the world “

What, in the gastronomic field, would you like to do but haven’t had the opportunity yet?
“Eh… (laughs, ed) I’d like to cook on top of the Atlas Mountains for a king. Yes, I would really like to cook on top of a mountain, it’s a pretty clear vision that I have from a very young age. “

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