Cold? On TikTok the remedy is garlic… in the nose

Cold? On TikTok the remedy is garlic… in the nose

On the social TikTok a remedy against stuffy nose and cold depopulated: cloves of garlic directly in the nostrils … Does it work? Not really.

Cold and stuffy nose ? The hottest tip on TikTok is to stick some garlic up your nose . One clove for each nostril. Raw and peeled. With the hashtag #garlicinnose , videos in which users try this new remedy to combat nasal congestion are depopulated on the platform . Leaving the garlic in the nose for at least 20-30 minutes they then discover incredulous, when the time runs out, how an incredible amount of mucus actually comes out.

If the most popular contents have even collected 1 million likes, while the hashtag already has a total of over 50 million views and is growing day by day thanks to new people who keep posting “will it work? ”, Before trying it out for necessity or pleasure, the fashion of sticking garlic in the nose is actually not as healthy as one would like to think . Indeed, it can have unpleasant consequences.

As Dr. Richard Wender , Professor of Medicine at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, explains to Insider , despite being considered a healthy food, in fact, garlic and the chemicals it contains would not interact much with tissues. humans. Pushing cloves of garlic into the nose, therefore, could have the opposite effect, irritating the nostrils and making them less effective.

Beware of buffaloes, especially for health

It is certainly not the first time – and sadly it will not be the last time that dangerous food challenges or health tricks have been launched on TikTok . Only last year was it fashionable to consume nutmeg in large quantities to get high or to challenge whoever ingested the most salt. The platform is trying to take precautions and, in February of this year, it announced a new factchecking system , to mark content relating to unhealthy (including medical) information and place a banner on it to convince viewers not to share it. While in April it implemented the reporting functionalityfrom users, of misleading or uncontrolled information, by sending the contents directly to an internal task force.

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