Coffiest, the meal replacement shake that comes from Silicon Valley

Coffiest, the meal replacement shake that comes from Silicon Valley

Coffiest is a breakfast replacement diet shake invented in Silicon Valley that promises to make your working morning more energetic.

The meal replacement , whether it’s mash or bars, are now known to all, and the choice is getting richer. Their success increases without interruption, naturally among those who are always in a hurry and are willing – or forced – to give up the pleasures of good food. The market in question is thriving and this is demonstrated by the rise of a product that replaces not lunch or dinner, but breakfast: Coffiest .

From Silicon Valley with fury

A few years ago Rob Rhinehart , a young – and nerd – engineer from Atlanta,coffiest was invented as a quick breakfast substituteinvented Soylent , a soft drink that replaces a complete meal and is made up of water and nutrients (carbohydrates, sugars, proteins and fats). Many nutritionists granted the promotion and Soylent conquered California, especially the managers of Silicon Valley , and then became famous throughout the United States and Canada. In 2016 the volcanic Rob raised the bar, developing another drink that aims to undermine the cappuccino-croissant combination . The Coffiest took a bit ‘of time to carburetor , but now is becoming the new craze of the US and if business continues as well, it will not take long before even landing in Europe.

The composition

The precise Coffiest recipe remains secret, for easily understandable reasons. However, we know that it has a sweet taste and contains 150 grams of caffeine as well as a skilful mix of vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates , seaweed oil and soy proteins; the latter give the product a creamy consistency , reminiscent of that of cappuccino. To mitigate the side effects of caffeine, Rob also added 75 mg of L-theanine, a non-protein amino acid naturally found in green tea leaves.

The effects

Proposed in a black and white bottle with an essential and refined design, the Coffiest promises to provide all the energy needed to start the day in the best possible way and to eliminate the risk of sudden pangs of hunger before lunch. Rob and his team also ensure that there is no sense of anxiety and agitation and that the drink in question ” promotes relaxation without sleepiness and even improves cognitive performance “. Who among you would choose it as a substitute for a steaming coffee and a freshly baked cappuccino?

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