Coffee: when do you drink the glass of water?

Coffee: when do you drink the glass of water?

Often at the bar, baristas also serve a glass of water along with the coffee, but do you drink it before or after the coffee? We explain why you drink first.

The glass of water that often accompanies the espresso should be drunk before the coffee . And if you pause to think about it, briefly, you will also understand the logic: water serves to refresh and prepares the mouth to savor the taste of espresso. On the other hand, there is no need to rinse away the flavor that the coffee leaves in the mouth.


  1. If you want to rinse your mouth, the coffee is not good . If in front of the cup you have just drunk, you feel the need to refresh your mouth, thus breaking the taste path of the coffee, it means that the espresso is not that great. It can very often happen that it tastes burnt, that it is rancid or that it seems to lick a piece of wood. These are the typical flavors that a poor quality blend of Arabica and Robusta leaves in the mouth, extracted incorrectly.
  2. If the coffee is made well, water is not needed afterwards . Quality espresso is something else. The taste that envelops the palate, and which continues even after drinking, is multifaceted. It can be slightly acidic, with a slight pleasant bitterness, fruity or referring to dried fruit. All flavors that you want to retain and enjoy as long as possible, do not rinse off with a glass of water.
  3. Sparkling or natural? There are no written rules, and the bartenders who offer a shot of water along with the espresso use a little bit of one and a little bit of the other. Sparkling water gives the impression of leaving the palate cleaner, reset, but it’s just a sensation.
  4. It is not mandatory . If they didn’t serve you a glass of water along with the espresso (and you went crazy instead), ask politely: you don’t have to. Remember that it is an addition, a kindness, included in the already ridiculous price of the classic espresso at the bar.

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