Coffee tools: what is the V60

Coffee tools: what is the V60

The V60 is a tool designed by the Japanese company Hario to obtain filter coffee, extracted by percolation and gravity filtering.

The V60 is the tool through which a filter coffee is extracted . The V60 – as not only the utensil but also the drink is called – is the filter coffee most loved by the new micro-coffee makers and by fans of the third wave of coffee. The reason for this love is to be found in the cup: it is a coffee that manages to be simple, but at the same time complex and to fully respect the bean used.

The name V60 indicates an instrument, conceived and patented by a Japanese company, Hario . The V60 itself is a V-cup with a 60-degree angled angle , drilled underneath. It is a cone, in which the paper filter is inserted , which rests on a server or directly on the cup from which you drink.

How does it work

To extract the coffee with the V60 you therefore need 3 pieces: the extractor cone – which can be made of copper, ceramic, glass or plastic – the filter and a container to collect the coffee.the v60 uses percolation and gravity filteringThe operation is that of the classic dripper , which uses percolation and drop filtering. In summary, the water passes through the ground coffee and slips into the cup, taking the flavor with it . Even if it is very simple, to get a V60 coffee from masters you need to be careful: the minerality of the water and the temperature (around 92 ° C), the grinding, the brew ratio (60g / l), the pre-infusion (30 seconds), turbulence, extraction time, remembering however that these numbers must be adapted according to the coffee in front of you and your taste.

Because they like it

Precautions aside, the V60 is one of the most primitive and not very artifact extraction methods : no excessive pressures or extreme water temperatures are used and the result in the cup is clear: the coffee is delicate, with a sharp profile , clean as they say. in jargon, and the peculiarities of the coffee used are well recognizable. The V60, if the roasting of the bean is correct, will be rich in aromas, medium-bodied and very pleasant . To be sipped like a tea.

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