Coffee tools – what is Ibrik

Coffee tools – what is Ibrik

Ibrik or cezve is a copper and silver tool for preparing Turkish coffee, usually already sweetened and often enriched with spices.

Cezve is the word with which in Turkey is indicated a small container with a long handle used for the preparation of coffee . In the rest of the world the same instrument is called ibrik , which is why the two words are often used together. With cezve prepares what in many countries of the Middle East, the Mediterranean and the Balkans – although with some variations in the preparation – is called turkish coffee . This small saucepan has a great tradition behind it and the preparation, even if it requires characteristic tools, is quite simple.

Typically the ibrik is made of copper with the interior coated in silver , but there are different versions : in brass, in aluminum, in stainless steel or totally in silver. However, copper remains the most used material: it is one of the best conductors, and allows the heat to spread quickly and evenly.

How to prepare coffee with ibrik

Of all the extraction methods, coffee with ibrik is the one that requires the finest grind. The beans must be reduced to a very fine powder , finer than the one we use for espresso. The ground coffee is then poured into the ibrik together with cold water. Then the saucepan is placed on direct flame, more rarely in the sandbox, until it boils. It is not recommended to prepare ibrik on induction plates, as the foam will have a hard time forming on the coffee. When it is ready, it is poured into the cup and waits again: the impalpable coffee powder must settle on the bottom, to avoid ending up on our lips. Unlike espresso, which is made and drunk very quickly, Turkish coffee requires time and patience .

Tradition has it that sugar is added to this type of coffee even before putting the ibrik on the fire and sometimes spices , since the quality of the beans used was not always the best. The habit is also to boil it three times (officially, to increase the cream).

The ibrik today

Today the ibrik is slowly conquering an audience of passionate coffee lovers, curious to explore different extraction methods. The merit is also due to the national and international competitions that every year remove a bit of dust from this extraction method, less popular than pour over , and put it in the spotlight. Currently, in fact, ibrik is also made with specialty coffees . The Italian cezve / ibrik champion, Niki di Landa, during the race that saw her triumph in Rimini brought a specialty coffee from Indonesia, which she extracted with great attention to detail.

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