Coffee on tap arrives: nitro coffee

Coffee on tap arrives: nitro coffee

Nitro coffee or nitrogen coffee is a particular drink, served cold and on tap, invented in the United States a few years ago and arriving in Italy.

Espresso, long, glass, cold, macchiato, American, cold extracted and much more: the choice of coffee in Italian bars is certainly not restricted. Yet there is a specialty that is still missing, despite the great success achieved overseas:the nitrogen coffee is long and frothy, served on tapis nitro coffee , that is, nitrogen coffee . It was invented in independent coffee shops in the United States between 2011 and 2015 (authorship is debated, as with any successful invention), and it is cold coffee, usually cold pressed, mixed with nitrogen. Someone called it the perfect drink for the summer: but is it really that special? It would seem so. We start with the service: nitro coffee is served on tap . Nitrogen is in fact added to the blend when ordering: the result is a long and frothy coffee, despite being completely free of milk or other fats. Then a large glass goblet is enough to convince yourself that you have a fragrant stout beer in front of you, instead of a cup of breakfast.


Taste is also important . Nitrogen-infused coffee is creamy, slightly sweet , never acidic or bitter. The merit is both of the cold extraction, which avoids the risk of burns, and of the tiny bubbles created by nitrogen under pressure: they are the ones who give creaminess to the drink. But fear not, you will not find a sparkling drink in the cup: the bubbles are much smaller and more delicate than those of carbon dioxide, normally used to make both beer and soft drinks sparkling.


However, there is a similarity between nitrogen and carbon dioxide: both are naturally contained in the air, and therefore consuming them in a drink does not involve any risk . In fact, nitrogen has been used in cooking for many years: to refrigerate, but also to prepare delicious ice creams, whipped in a few minutes and incredibly tasty. In nature, nitrogen makes up 78% of the earth’s air and 3% of the human body; is responsible for the blue shades of the Northern Lights, and since 2011 also for the bubbles in coffee.


There remains therefore a single legitimate question: where to taste nitro coffee? Unfortunately, not in Italian cafes. The need for special equipment has not facilitated its diffusion, even if Starbucks has already announced that nitro coffee will be available in the new Roastery in Milan, which is expected to open in the second half of 2018. a trip to the United States on the wave of nitrogen coffee, among the coffee shops of New York, Texas and Oregon; or order a box of cans via the internet: nitrogen also facilitates storage!

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