Coffee aficionados, don’t miss Turin Coffee this weekend

Coffee aficionados, don’t miss Turin Coffee this weekend

Turin Coffee, the international fair dedicated to all the facets of coffee, returns on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 June.

Turin is one of the reference cities for coffee in Italy. Of course, the song claimed that Ah, che bellu ccafè. Sulo a Napule ‘o ssanno ago! , but we Savoy people know very well that this is not the case. Home to some of the main national coffee producers – Lavazza, Vergnano, Costadoro – Turin is a city where coffee is a serious matter , a ritual that must be respected, with sacredness and all the trappings.

And so, since we Turin are also proud of our Salons – and it must be said that the Book Fair and the Salone del Gusto give us many reasons to be proud – this year it returns to Turin for the second time. the salon dedicated to coffee , Turin Coffee . Two days, Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 June , entirely consecrated to black gold in Piazza Carlo Alberto, in the center of the Savoy salon, in which ” coffee and culture have the same aroma” .

This year the Turin Coffee program is varied and dense, in a succession of the most diverse appointments: moments of explanation and culture with the head trainers, coffee-themed cocktails , tastings together with starred chefs such as Cristina Bowerman and Andrea Ribaldone , the discovery of latte art and specialty coffees , gastronomic ice creams , fitness with Get Up !, moments dedicated to pastry and a photographic exhibition , From the plant to the cup, which accompanies the Turin Coffee guests free of charge throughout the 2 days of the event, talking about all-round coffee, from plant cultivation to nectar.

The numbers of Turin Coffee 2019

small local coffee roasters present: Antica Torrefazione, Caffè Boutic, Caffè Malabar, Caffè Perrero, Dicaf Ghigo,Many guests and activities for this second editionHobby Caffè, Il Caffè, Mokabar, Mike roasting; coffee champions who have distinguished themselves in different sectors for their ability to execute: Davide Berti, Alessandro Galtieri, Francesco Corona, Matteo Beluffi, Cinzia Linardi; starred chefs:  Cristina Bowerman of the Glass Hostaria in Rome and Andrea Ribaldone of the Osteria Arborina in Annunziata, in the province of Cuneo; pastry chefs:  Galileo Reposo del Peck in Milan and Andrea Tortora, founder of AT Patissier; master ice cream makers:  Stefano Ferrara, appointed Ambassador of Gelato in the world and Stefano Guizzetti of the Ciacco Lab in Parma; bartender:  Lucio D’Orsi from Dry Martini in Sorrento; 3 Turin excellences:  Lavazza, Caffè Vergnano and Costadoro, who created Turin Coffee in 2018; 1 photo exhibition : From plant to cup, free and open to the public on the life of coffee from bean to cup; international association , the SCA – Specialty Coffee Association , the reference for coffee excellence in the world; solidarity initiative with CasaOz , the non-profit organization that becomes a home and a family for children and families who encounter the disease, with concrete support. ” At CasaOz every sick child can play, learn and do their homework followed by professional educators and volunteers, to rediscover a daily life that cares“: Turin Coffee supports the Piedmontese non-profit organization by actively promoting its support with solidarity initiatives.

Two days in which Turin rediscovers itself as the capital of coffee , in which the aroma of black gold spreads throughout the Savoy living room, from 9 to 20 , honoring the historic cafes of Turin , elegant, innovative, places of culture and taste, which inspired the birth of Turin Coffee.

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