Cocktail: the autumn trends you need to know

The Florence Cocktail Week has ended and the new trends in the world of mixology have emerged: the return to the classics and the new trend to local products.

Those who love cocktails as much as food know that trends and fashions alternate in the glass as well as on the plate. We went to the Florence Cocktail Week which for 5 years, also in this difficult 2020 for the sector, has been bringing the best bartenders, from Tuscany and from all over Italy, to Florence for a week, to collect some trends and know what to order at the bar .

Return to the classics


For many years the Signature List, that is the house Cocktails, sometimes so original as to be difficult to understand, has been pursued by force. Now it’s back to the great classics, well done, which in the end must never be missing in a bar but on which due attention was often lost. Surprisingly, it is the younger bartenders who start from there. A well-made Negroni , an Old Fashioned that does not betray its age and a Hemingway-style Martini.

Do you want proof? Go to the Picteau Cocktail Bar inside the Hotel Lungarno in Florence, which received one of the special awards at Florence Cocktail Week as Best Martini Cocktail , delivered by the Blue Blazer guide. Behind the counter there are two twenty-year-olds, Marco Colonnelli and Vincenzo Civita . To keep an eye on. Another example is the award given as New Era Cocktail IBA – Giorgio Fadda, went to the PanicAle bar in Florence for the Twist on VE.N.TO , a new cocktail based on grappa (it’s the first time), reinterpreted for the occasion . Already a classic, even if just born.

The territory in the glass

Know where you are at the first sip . This applies to the dish but for some years also to the bar. And so are the ingredientsLocal spirits become the new mustand local spirits are becoming the new must and bartenders are the new trend and product hunters . In fact, who said that it is necessarily a global industry? Even the blending therefore discovers the gin or vermouth next door, if not even the family, produced internally in the same company as the place. Even more so in the bars where homemade preparations are made. Here the use of the garden, spices and aromas is now at the same level as that of the chefs and local products are well highlighted in the glass. In some cases the real protagonists are (almost) the cooking ingredients. An example from Florence Cocktail Week is the Martini at Panzanella de The Local, awarded by the event as Best Bar Experience by Dictador Rum: it is inspired by the Tuscan dish with tomato and onion aromas. To try.

Mixed villages

It is the second year that the Tuscany Cocktail Week precedes the Florence Cocktail Week and this year with 70 participants it has definitely highlighted even to those who had not noticed it, not only the scouting work of Paola Mencarelli, creator of the event, and of his team, assisted by Flavio Angiolillo of the Milanese MAG in the selection on the territory, but above all he confirmed how much the region has grown in mixing . One circumstance is that if we dig well we are sure it can also be found elsewhere in Italy. Not only, therefore, beautiful bars in the cities of art, but also the small villages know how to express themselves at their best. As in the agricultural Bar’BQ Il Sal8immersed in the park of the Relais Poggio ai Santi, in San Vincenzo. An agricultural bar, as he likes to call himself, a laboratory of ideas where a drink can be enjoyed overlooking the rolling hills of the Livorno countryside. Awarded Best Signature Cocktail for the province of Livorno. A territory to be rediscovered.

Bar in the country resorts

It was said of the agricultural bar of the Relais Poggio dei Santi but the concept also extends to others. From now on, get ready to taste excellent cocktails even in hillside resorts, among the Chianti vineyards as if you were in a city hotel. An example here the awards received for Tuscany Cocktail Week as best hotel bars , from Fonteverde Spa with its local Baldelli , overlooking the Val d’Orcia in San Casciano dei Bagni, and the 67 Sky Lounge Bar Hotel Principe, in Forte dei Marmi, by the sea. To return to the countryside, two other addresses to put on the agenda are: Borgo San Felice, where the Archi all’Aperto bar will complete the food proposal curated by Enrico Bartolini ; and finally the barEcrù on the panoramic terrace of the Castelfalfi hotel in Montaione, overlooking the countryside, a few kilometers from Florence.

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