Closed schools: 8 recipes to cook with the children

Closed schools: 8 recipes to cook with the children

Closed schools and children at home. If you don’t know how to entertain them, get them involved in the kitchen and take a cue from these 8 recipes to prepare together.

You have tried them all between drawings, cards and colors, puzzles, legos and going out to the park, but the energy of your children is far from being exhausted. In fact, if you think about how much school activities absorb the vitality and desire to do of the little ones –an alternative and stimulating activity when schools are closedif it weren’t for the fact that relationships with friends alone do most of the work – it is evident that the home environment struggles not a little to reach the same levels. How to do it while the schools are closed , then? The answer has a specific name and is called cuisine. Involving your children in the preparation of recipes – both sweet and savory – will not only stimulate creativity by absorbing much of their mental energy – but it will take up much of the time of your day. All you need is a little organization and some attention to choosing the right dish, which must be simple but at the same time fun and original. So here are 8 recipes to cook with the children .


  1. Lasagna with eggplant . Lasagna is one of the first courses that more than others attracts children both in taste and in presentation. And if it is a vegetarian version, it will also be an excellent solution to entice your children to fill up on vitamins. So, put them to work immediately by starting to sprinkle the aubergines with coarse salt: they will have fun rubbing them well and arranging them neatly on a wooden cutting board. In the meantime, they will be able to help you turn the sauce and arrange all the ingredients that will be needed for the final moment of assembly. Let them create the layers by alternating the lasagna sheets with the eggplant, sauce and cheese.
  2. Cocoa and yogurt muffins . They are simple, fast and can be prepared in a thousand different ways: with delicious fillings, colorful decorations and original shapes. If you are a beginner and want to try your hand at an absolutely perfect recipe for little ones, this is the right choice. Involve them right from the choice of ingredients, make them mix the dry ones and add them gently to the liquid ones. The dough will not be worked for long: the important thing is that it is beautifully smooth and homogeneous. At this point, leave them to decide on the color of the cups to use and help them pour the dough a little at a time. During cooking you can choose some delicious decorations to add.
  3. Cod clown burger . It is known that fish represents a decidedly painful note in the feeding of the little ones. But perhaps by involving them in the preparation and making them have fun in the final decoration you can achieve the desired goal. Choose a fish with a delicate flavor like cod and use colorful and easy to work vegetables like carrots and peas. To give an even more delicious touch to your burgers, knead them with the potatoes: this step will particularly amuse the little ones who will have to knead until a homogeneous mixture is formed. Meanwhile, think about cutting the vegetables and let your children’s creativity create their own version of the clown fish.
  4. Cookies with chocolate and nuts . There are so many reasons why your children will love making these cookies. One after the other, the passages of this recipe will intrigue them more and more. First of all they will find themselves struggling with the assembly of egg whites and with that soft and foamy cloud that is always difficult to resist (even for us adults). And then the filling: after making the dough and giving it shape with various kinds of molds, it will be time to devote yourself to the delicious filling based on nuts, milk and butter. Use a bowl and a small pestle to entertain your children in chopping the nuts (previously shelled), add the milk, butter and help them mix carefully.
  5. Panzerotti with vegetables . Here the solution is twofold: you can decide to use a ready-made puff pastry or shortcrust pastry, or choose to prepare it at home by creating a simple dough based on water and flour. Obviously, this second option will make your children happy who will be looking forward to getting kneaded and getting dirty. To reduce the time and meet the proverbial impatience of the little ones, use instant yeast: once your dough is ready, have your helpers fill the panzerotti with vegetables and pieces of scamorza.
  6. Vegetable millefeuille with scamorza cheese . In this recipe you will train all the precision and concentration of your children. You can buy pre-grilled vegetables directly, or cook them yourself on a grill. The important thing, however, is that they are carefully arranged one on top of the other, alternating layers of smoked cheese. To give the vegetables their rounded shape without using knives, you can choose practical pastry rings that can be handled by your children without any danger.
  7. Donut with hazelnuts and chocolate chips . There is no better way to occupy time at home with the little ones than to prepare a nice donut with which to brighten the breakfasts and snacks of the week. The realization of a real cake always has a certain appeal towards children: the moment of the dough, the leavening in the oven and the final moment of tasting. So choose an easy recipe with a few steps, but don’t give up on that extra touch: in this case the addition of hazelnuts and chocolate chips will release a truly tempting scent.
  8. Tart with pears and cornflakes . Your little helpers will always know how to amaze you when you need to get their hands on it. And they will do it even more when it comes to decorating the dessert with ingredients of particular scenographic effect, such as pears and cornflakes. Get help in preparing the dough to create a nice smooth and homogeneous dough. Once the base of the tart is ready, entrust your children with the task of filling with a generous layer of jam and hazelnut cream. Meanwhile, you dedicate yourselves to cutting the pears and preparing the syrup. Stand aside for decoration time and let your helpers have fun creating curious combinations with pears and cornflakes.

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