Chimay celebrates 150 years of life with a special beer

Chimay celebrates 150 years of life with a special beer

To celebrate 150 years of the Trappist brewery, Chimay has created a new green cap beer: Chimay 150.

It is called Chimay 150 and comes from Belgium : it was born to celebrate the first century and a half of life of the famous Trappist brewery but it is safe to bet that for hops enthusiasts it will soon become the green cap . The new entry lands on the Horeca market from 1 June after a fleeting appearance in 2012 in a limited edition: the success and consensus on that occasion were such as to have finally convinced the monks to put it into production. At the beginning Chimay 150 will be available in a 33 cl bottle, then later in the year it will also arrive in the traditional 75 cl format with cork stopper.

With a pale gold color and a white and compact foam, the green cap (10% vol.) Is fresh and fruity . The nose has aromas reminiscent of the Mediterranean scrub: mint, bergamot, eucalyptus and even a hint of lime. On the palate the notes of rosemary and cloves stand out, with a touch of ginger. The slightly smoky and spicy taste is the characteristic one of Chimay beers. Two types of hops used: Saaz and Hallertau Mittelfrüh, but like any self-respecting successful drink there is a secret ingredient, a spice, which gives a unique taste to the green cap.

Chimay 150 is the latest addition to the Chimay abbey , the result of a century and a half experience of master brewers, always under the control of the monastic community.for the occasion, a 10 km trekking route was set up in the surrounding woodsTo date, the Chimay group employs 250 people. The brewery and the adjoining dairy have donated most of the profits to social assistance since its foundation: one of the fundamental and indispensable requirements of Trappist breweries. The newcomer is added to: Chimay Dorée, Chimay red cap (Rouge), Chimay white cap (Triple) and Chimay blue cap (Grande Rèserve). On the occasion of the launch of the new beer, a hiking trail in the colors of the Chimay 150 was set up from the Auberge de Poteaupré . A 10 km loop in the surrounding woods that can be tackled throughout the year. And on arrival, you can bet, there will be a nice beer to cool off.

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