Children are welcome at the restaurant: are you sure?

Children are welcome at the restaurant: are you sure?

Not everyone in restaurants likes the chaos that rude children can cause. This is how restaurateurs think.

Having dinner with a background of belluine screams, surrounded by a sea of ​​frolicking children is not exactly the idyllic setting we are used to imagine for a relaxing evening . The level of tolerance has dropped more and more and restaurateurs are taking steps to save their premises from families with strollers. The last in order of time to take restrictive measures against screaming and rude children, dragged to dinner by their parents, was Gabriele Berbenni . But the world of childfree restaurants is increasingly populous, even if someone is trying to stir up the quagmire of hatred and annoyance created around the phenomenon with innovative solutions .

No kids restaurants

But let’s start with those who don’t want to see children in their club . The owner of the Bagà pizzeria in Villa di Tirano, in the province of Sondrio, posted a curious sign on which the patrons were able to read the following words. «Children left unattended running around the place screaming, or standing on benches and chairs, disturb other customers. Therefore we reserve the right to take them to the kitchen to wash the dishes with a lot of adhesive tape over their mouths » . The notice is signed by the Black man but it is not an exclusion tout court. In fact, the message ends like this: ” You can come to Bagà without children, educate your children, change pizzeria or stay at home” .

no strollers

Berbenni is only the latest to join the club of childfree restaurants, those who choose not to admit children so as not to upset their customers. In 2017 the local Re di Puglia, in the province of Pisa, displayed the sign: «The mobile phone harms the health of your children. Leave both of you at home. ‘ At the Das Badl hotel in Caldaro al Lago , in the province of Bolzano, rooms were offered “tailor-made for couples” , in which minors could access, but only from 14 years of age. The La Fraschetta del Pesce restaurant in Casal Bertone , Rome had done it before, already in 2016.“We inform our customers that for reasons of space we do not accept reservations that involve the entry of strollers or the use of child seats” , read on the door of the room, complete with prohibition signs. The owner said: “I’m a grandfather, I have grandchildren too. I am not angry with children, woe to those who touch them. I have it with parents who do not know how to educate their children » .

What the law says

According to the Regulation implementing the Consolidated Law on public security laws , dated 1940 and updated over time, Article 187 states that, except for the provisions of Articles 689 and 691 of the Criminal Code, merchants cannot , without a legitimate reason, ” Refuse the services of your business to anyone who asks for them and pays the price”. So no restaurateur can refuse to welcome and serve a customer unless there is a legitimate reason . For example, the possibility of not accepting those who in the past caused public problems or characters involved in crimes is admitted. But according to experts the legitimate reason leaves some glimmers to managers intolerant of uncontrolled screeching and screeching.

Rude parents?

But the question are parents who do not know how to educate their children or children, who are increasingly unmanageable? “In general, the first person who avoids going out with a child is not the parent who cares, but the one who is afraid of disturbing others” , explains Marco Lampitelli, marketing manager and one of the creators of Benvenuto.According to some, the solution to the raids of children in the restaurant could be the creation of a children’s areaIt defines itself as a family restaurant and is proposed as a safe and positive meeting place for children and adults, opening the city center to families. The restaurant is in fact located in Piazza Vetra. According to Lampitelli, the problem is «forcing a child to sit at the table for two hours. The child is a child – continues Lampitelli – and after eating he needs to do something, he doesn’t want to hang out with adults. A place that doesn’t suit the little ones makes them somewhat rude. It is the responsibility of the restaurateur to be able to solve and make every type of customer comfortable and pleasant ».At Benvenuto you can all go to dinner together. There are equipped children’s areas, very similar to those found in European clubs, where the attention to small customers is very high. “To understand this, in Italy my competitor is McDonalds” , adds the creator of Benvenuto, where however the children’s rooms are followed by professionals who play and entertain the little ones. You can give them an iPad to calm them down , but Benvenuto’s people didn’t like the idea: “We prefer active and educational entertainment . ” Although in Italy there are 8 million children of which 170,000 reside in Milan, the offer of family restaurants is scarce or almost absent. More than a problem, it looks like an opportunity.

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