Chiara Ferragni signs a limited edition of the Oreos

Chiara Ferragni signs a limited edition of the Oreos

In collaboration with Mondelez Italia, Chiara Ferragni has signed the limited edition package of the Oreo Double, with a dedicated competition.

Chiara Ferragni , a well-known Italian digital entrepreneur, has struck again. You know Oreo , the number one cookie in the world? Born even in 1912, it is currently produced by the American multinational Mondelēz International, listed on Nasdaq, which in 2019 recorded 3.1 billion dollars in sales. Well, our Ferragni has teamed up with Mondelēz Italia for a project aimed at bringing together two universes so far very distant from each other, namely food and fashion .

A limited edition

” When an icon of taste meets a fashion icon, an exclusive capsule collection is born that mixes all the fun of Oreo with the unique style of Chiara Ferragni “: this is what we read on the Libera Il Tuo Stile Oreo website about the partnership in question.the package is decorated with the logo created by chiara, the eyelikeChiara has designed a limited edition packaging of Oreo Double : the packaging is cheerful and captivating, studded with Eyelike (it is the logo depicting a blue eye) on a pink background and with images of the biscuit on a blue background. Since it was there, Ferragni also created a clothing line characterized by the pattern in question: sweatshirts, t-shirts, trousers. Business is business . The limited edition Oreos are on sale from the beginning of March in a select network of supermarkets. Mindful of the water already signed by Ferragni, 8 euros a bottle, are you preparing for another record figure? This time it’s not like that: the cost is the same as that of a normal package.


Let’s go back to the aforementioned clothing line , born on the occasion of the partnership with Mondelēz. To be exact, there are four items, also in a limited edition; two represent the prize for the Free your Oreo style contest and it is possible to have them only by participating. The procedure is simple: you have to buy two packs of Oreo, connect to the site and fill in the appropriate form by entering your personal data and those of the receipt. In a few seconds, a screen appears with the outcome of the bet. The competition will end on June 30th .

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