Chef Rubio: my favorite places

Chef Rubio: my favorite places

We asked Chef Rubio, aka Gabriele Rubini, to show us the places where he prefers to eat: here are his tips.

Asking a chef for the list of favorite restaurants is a bit like asking a magician for the tricks for a successful self-saving number. Chef Rubio ,Chef Rubio recommends his favorite places, from Trieste and Naplesborn Gabriele Rubini , on the other hand, has no problem telling and telling himself, shuffling the cards as his habit, and revealing his address book of gluttony to Bittersweet. For the most beloved chef icon on social networks (but not only), an important summer is expected, as he prepares to land in Brazil as resident chef of Casa Italia Paralimpica – on the occasion of the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics – which it will be hosted at the premises of the Parroquia Imaculada. Fresh from a lesson at the Street Food Academy in Parma (at the Ajolfi restaurant in Trecasali), Rubini has just produced four new video recipes in LIS, the sign language, created in collaboration with the Istituto Statale Sordi of Rome – ISSR , which will be launched online in June.


Gabriele, the first question is inevitable: are you ready for the Olympic adventure next August?
Absolutely yes. In Rio I will show the kitchen for what it is, that is sharing and aggregation, as, among other things, they symbolize the friendship tables that we will all occupy together, tasting the proposals of our country and the one that hosts us.

For now, let’s stay in Italy and try to reveal your favorite places related to food one step at a time. First, how do you choose a restaurant?
I like to know and discover new places, because it is in my DNA, but I don’t pay attention to the stars. I go to intuition, which often does not betray me, I try everything and then I evaluate. It’s hard for me to be influenced by reviews, so to speak.


Are you one of those that “my favorite restaurant is like a second home for me”?
In general, I’m not a habit. If the restaurant leaves me with good memories, I’ll go back. I go where I know, but I throw myself into new places as soon as I can. If they ask me for some suggestions, I’m sure to go, because there are dishes that must absolutely be tried, masterpieces that must be tried and enjoyed.

The masterpiece that you recommend everyone to try at least once?
Can I play as a free hitter without necessarily staying in Rome? Because this is how the game becomes fun.


  1. from peppers sciavoBuffet at Pepi Sciavo (via Cassa di Risparmio 3 – Trieste). ” For me it is absolutely worth trying the Pepi boiled meat, which I consider a kind of institution: you can eat everything about pork, with abundant doses of kren, grated horseradish. Also not to be missed is the sandwich with porcina, or the couple of boiled pork, always stuffed with sauerkraut, kren and mustard. For me, every choice must be carefully considered when it comes to food, starting with breakfast “.
  2. The baker (via dell’Olmo – Frascati). ” Having lived for many years in New Zealand, for me breakfast is still mostly salty. In any case, I have to fuel it with something tasty and if I’m at home, in Frascati, I’ll go for the red pizza del Fornaio, which for me remains one of the best ever eaten: fresh out of the oven then it’s crazy “.
  3. coffee of peaceCaffè della Pace (via della Pace, 3). ” Another fixed ritual, when I am around Rome, is an absolute mid-morning snack. Possibly with an orange juice and a toast at the Caffè della Pace: it is a historic bar in the capital behind Piazza Navona, which a few years ago it even risked eviction, and for me it is one of the most beautiful places ever. Especially in the morning, when there are few tourists around, there is a special atmosphere in that corner of Rome “.
  4. betto and maryBetto and Mary (via dei Savorgnan, 99 – Rome). ” Bull balls, offal, fried lamb and a side of broccoli and sautéed chicory. When I feel like meat I know that at Casilino, exactly in the Mandrione district, there is a place I can always count on: they are the absolute offal specialists, There are few restaurateurs like there are in Rome and it is no coincidence that it is always full or there is a queue to eat. Trattorias like this are disappearing “.
  5. bar nileBar Nilo (via San Biagio dei Librai – Naples). ” You know too much of a cliché to say that the coffee you drink in Naples has a special flavor? Perhaps because it is a ritual, perhaps because the city itself is so special that everything takes on a different taste. When I can, I go to the Nilo bar, which it is almost an obligatory stop, famous because on one of the walls there is an altar dedicated to Maradona. Mythological “.
  6. husbandThe midnight snack . ” There are rituals that do not necessarily include a fixed address. We eat wonderful things but we forget where we eat them, because the memory sometimes selects for us. The midnight snack with friends is a cult moment for me. I remember a delightful memory. tramezzino with smoked frayed horse, eaten in Veneto a few years ago. Or a Roman classic: the Maritozzo with cream or fried cream bomb, which for me remains one of the best things in the world “.

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