Champagne tasting at home? It can be done!

Champagne tasting at home? It can be done!

On December 3, the Bureau du Champagne Italia is dedicated to higher education by organizing 3 seminars with tasting: find out how to participate!

2020 is a completely different year from the previous ones. We have learned to give up dinners, food fairs and, alas , even wine tastings. But what if we told you that the latter are still feasible? Remotely. And no, we’re not kidding. The event is the Académie du Champagne , the date next 3 December from 9.30 to 12.30 . And you can participate too from the comfort of your living room. What is it about?

Let’s start from the beginning. The Comité Champagne is an inter-professional organization created by French law in 1941. It brings together all the winemakers and the Maison du Champagne in a single body. Thanks to this single committee, therefore, the entire production chain of one of the most prestigious wines in the world can make use of an instrument of economic development as well as technical and environmental. The success of the denomination is also due to the work carried out by this body. Among the initiatives of the Comitè there is also that of presiding over the market of Champagne buyers with offices built ad hoc. Countries like ours.

As every year, the Bureau du Champagne Italia (the direct emanation of the Comité Champagne on Italian soil based in Epernay in France) carves out a space for higher education on the fascinating and multifaceted world of Champagne. Unlike previous editions, the lessons of the academy will take place remotely this December. In 3 seminarsof 45 minutes each, we will talk about the future prospects of the appellation and will taste 6 different cuvées, led by guests of excellence such as: Pierre Naviaux, Chef de projet Développement Durable, and Sylvie Collas, Responsable du service Vin. Their masterclasses will make use of the collaboration of an interpreter, who will help the participants along the way. To complete the training day on the French appellation, the Ambassador of Champagne for Italy in 2015 Bernardo Conticelli.

We will talk about the sustainable development of viticulture and the production of Champagne and a tasting kit consisting of 6 bottles of 375 ml and the teaching material will be sent comfortably at home. Like all events of this caliber, registrations are limited and you can book by November 27, 2020 here .

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