Canned wine is popular in the USA (and beyond)

Canned wine is popular in the USA (and beyond)

It is called canned wine and is literally depopulating in the United States, while in Italy canned wine is still seen as a horror.

It is called canned wine and in America it is becoming more and more popular. In fact, canned wine in the States is experiencing constant growth, with a turnover that has risen by as much as 48 million dollars since 2012 last year.a turnover of over 48 million dollarsOf extreme practicality and portability, canned wine has nothing to envy to its counterpart beer, already extremely widespread all over the world. But is it really the future of wine in America? If in Italy only the idea still horrifies us, according to Federvini the answer is yes. And the blame would be attributed to the generation of millennials, guilty of having revolutionized the way wine is consumed overseas today.

Data in hand, in fact, as the federation has proved, only in 2017 this market grew by 59.5%, while that of wine in the classic 750 ml bottle rose by a measly 3.3%. And it wasn’t just sales that increased. In fact, the types of wine marketed in this format have also changed : therefore, if in 2012 9 out of 10 cans contained sparkling wine , today you can find all types, including still ones , which grow twice as much as those with bubbles.

But who is it that sells it? Not only, apparently, unknown labels. Among the investors there are also big names such as Barefoot Wine & Bubblela , an award-winning Californian brand from California, as well as Presto , a sparkling wine brand grown with canned wine . And, of course, Infinite Monkey Theorem , which was the first to launch canned still wine back in 2011.

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