Canada officially declares Bisphenol A toxic. International reflections continue

Canada officially declares Bisphenol A toxic. International reflections continue

 Canada has decided to classify Bisphenol A (BpA) as a toxic substance that poses risks to human health and the environment. It is the first country in the world to take such a tough decision towards a component classified by toxicologists as an endocrine disruptor conveyed through food.

As announced a few weeks ago, the Canadian Ministry of Health and the Environment Ministry have registered Bisphenol A in the list of toxic substances. The decree published on 13 October in the Official Journal of Canada was decided “to protect the environment and citizens’ health, ”said Environment Minister Jim Prentice. Canadian health authorities have been carrying out this crusade against bisphenol for years on the basis of accurate scientific documentation compiled by research centers.

According to the authorities, the main source of human exposure to BPA is food. Over the last few years these suspicions have been shared by researchers and toxicologists from other countries, so much so that several nations have adopted severe measures to limit their use, especially in containers for newborns. Even companies have not remained insensitive to scientific evidence, so much so that today almost all producers no longer use Bisphenol A for baby bottles. 

 On the basis of international pressure, the American FDA also had to rework its position. In Europe, EFSA on 30 September 2010 confirmed the tolerable daily dose (TDI) for bisphenol A established in 2006, but also highlighted serious areas of uncertainty regarding toxicology, declaring itself ready to review the opinion when better data become available. . The areas of uncertainty highlighted by EFSA could justify a rethinking process also in Europe, which could in turn lead to precautionary measures against a substance that many researchers indicate as a possible risk for the fetus and the newborn.

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