Can sorbet be made with snow? Yes, if you follow these tips

Can sorbet be made with snow? Yes, if you follow these tips

Snow ice cream or snow sorbet is an ancient tradition, to be replicated today if you have fresh and clean snow available: here’s how.

Using snow to prepare ice cream may seem like an original gimmick, but in reality its origins are lost in the mists of time: just think that in the Bible we read of a mixture of goat’s milk and snow, in fact, offered to Abraham by his son Isaac .the snow must have just fallen, perfectly cleanAnd it seems that Alexander the Great also used to consume fruit mixed with honey and snow. Going back in history, however, there is a decisive passage that sees Sicily as the protagonist : starting from the Middle Ages, the nivaroli entered the scene , men who had the task of collecting the snow that landed on Etna, on the Peloritani mountains, Iblei and Nebrodi, to then keep it in huge pits dug in the ground and cover it with volcanic ash; in this way it was kept intact all year round and in summer it was grated and enriched with citrus juices or fruit syrups. Well yes, this preparation is the ancestor of the Sicilian granita. Did the brief excursus spark your curiosity and give rise to a certain desire? It takes a few minutes and zero effort. The important thing, of course, is that the raw material is perfectly clean . The suitable snow is the one that has just fallen, to be found possibly not in busy areas and far from the city.

How to prepare the base

In Calabria there is the Scirubetta , in Sardinia the Carapigna , in Veneto and other northern regions the tradition of the zurbett is handed down . The ingredients change, but the process is basically the same. Here is a recipe suitable for everyone, even those who do not have an ice cream maker or an ice cream maker. To prevent the snow from melting, to begin with, you have to put it in a tureen and immerse it in a basin containing water (not too much) and a large dose of ice cubes. Separately, milk and sugar are mixed: 200 ml and 45 grams respectively for 1.5 liters of snow. Then it is necessary to mix everything, using a wooden spoon and using the utmost delicacy, so that the snow does not lose its consistency.

The extra touch

Then comes the funniest step, which allows you to give vent to creativity and indulge your tastes. You can enrich your snow ice cream with syrups and fruit, with simple lemon juice, with coffee or licorice liqueur. With limoncello, with cooked wine. In short, everything you want. And if you want to take it even further, opt for toppings : chocolate chips, sugar decorations, berries. There are those who believe it is possible to keep this preparation in the freezer, but we disassociate ourselves. It must be consumed immediately .

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